Do you have any idea what kind of water are you drinking? Do you know how much harm it can cause to you? The tap water has 90% chance of containing leaching, chemicals, spills, and runoffs that can cause you long term health diseases like cancer, cardiovascular problems, neurological diseases, and miscarriage. The people drinking water directly from their taps have a great chance of developing these diseases.

The reason why most of the people hesitate to have water treatment and purification process is the cost. They can’t afford it. Worry not, because RO water Purification process has now made it easier and more affordable for you to drink healthy is one of the most popular and best filtration processes for your home and office.

Brief Information About Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Process

We all are familiar with the spontaneous process of osmosis in which fluids (especially the water), moves from an area of lower concentration to the area of higher concentration via a semipermeable membrane. Reverse Osmosis Is just the opposite. In this process, the water moves against the concentration gradient. The water is forced to flow through a plasma membrane that contains small pores. The contaminants like pesticides, metals, bleach, lead, etc. are left behind and flushed down to the drain, leaving you with clean and healthy drinking water collected in a holding tank.

As there is no rose without a thorn, so the RO water purifier has both the good and the bad aspects. But overall it is great for your health.

Advantages of RO Purifier

RO removes toxins and contaminants

RO water purification process gives you toxic-free drinking water. It removes many harmful and life-threatening toxins and contaminants like; lead, sodium, chloride, copper, heavy metals, asbestos, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), selenium, chromium, barium, radium, cysts and total dissolved minerals (TODs).

Helps to soften the hard water

The RO process is not only used to purify the water but is also considered to be the best method to soften the hard water. As the RO purifier removes minerals depending upon their size, so the molecules like calcium and magnesium that cause the hardness of water are easily removed from water due to their large sizes.

Better taste and removes the odor

The reverse osmosis will provide you and your family clean and healthy water with no more metallic taste and funny odor. Your water may smell and taste bad due to dissolved solids, added chlorine and fluoride and the presence of heavy metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic.

RO process reduces the amount of these chemicals, solids, and metals that affect the taste and smell of your water.

Children will quit the sugary drinks

Once your water will taste natural and pure without any salty taste and rotten eggs smell, your kids and even the adults will not run after the colas and other sugary drinks and will consume more water.

Your food will become delicious

The reason your children don’t like the food you cook is the additional taste of chemicals. Your food does not taste as it is supposed to. These chemicals make your food taste saltier and it smells like a wet dog.RO water gives your food the taste it deserves. By removing extra tasting chemicals like chlorine and metals like mercury, your food will have the taste of pure ingredients that you have used.

Mechanical advantages

Moreover, reverse osmosis also has some other advantages that other water filters.
Non-electric process.
It consumes no energy.
Fully automated.
Super convenient and simple filtration process of all.

Disadvantages of RO Purifier

Filters may clog

Ro water purification system needs to be maintained regularly. If not paid attention, even chlorine can cause damage to the system. There are small pores in the RO purifier to filter the impurities, they can be clogged with the large particles of contaminants. So, it is better to change your filters before the system gets any big damage.

Reverse osmosis removes beneficial minerals

As RO removes almost 90 to 95% of all the contaminants, it also removes some vital and beneficial minerals including calcium, magnesium that are good for bones and muscles and many others from the drinking water due to their large molecular sizes. However, it is not that big problem because we can fill up our mineral deficiencies from our diet or other supplements. But still, we are deprived of consuming beneficial minerals due to the RO purifier.

The filtering process is time-consuming

RO process takes time because it has to force the tap water to flow through a semi-permeable membrane which is not a speedy process. So, most of the RO system comes with a holding tank so that you don’t have to wait a long time holding a glass in your hand. the holding tank takes almost 2 to 4 hours of time to refill again. Therefore, it is advised to add a second reverse osmosis tank if you hold a large family.

Breakage of membrane

It is possible that after some time you have to face the breakage of your reverse osmosis membrane. And when that happens all the salts and contaminants will mix up with your drinking water and you will again begin to consume full-of-risks water. Therefore, you should change your membrane once a year, even if it’s not broken.

Does not kills bacteria and viruses

Because RO is a physical filtration process, therefore, it does not kill anything, even the bacteria. It will filter the bacteria from your drinking water but will not kill it. But Some bacteria and viruses are so small that they can even pass through the pores of filters.


After considering both aspects, we came to this end that RO water is no doubt a 100% safe, clean and healthy water to consume. Its exceptional method of filtering ensures that your family is getting fully hygienic and tasty water to drink.