4 Espionage Masterpieces Netflix Is Offering On Your Android

Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ feature is finally on your Android device! And if our Android tracker is anything to go by, that means you espionage lovers are going to see quite a few spy thrillers on your devices in the near future.

It doesn’t matter if you are a younger aficionado of espionage, or someone from the older generation who likes their grey cells tested, Netflix has a whole host of best-sellers for you to feast on.

Our Android tracker of best watches on Netflix has come up with the following titles.


Released in 2016 , shortly after the real life events preceding it, Snowden retells the real life story of Whistleblower Edward Snowden, famous for causing major upheaval for Intelligence agencies in 2013.  

Directed by the shrewd Oliver Stone, and featuring Joseph Gordon Lewitt as Edward Snowden, the movie is a surprisingly accurate yet engrossing portrayal of how Snowden, a CIA subcontractor discovered and released highly classified information about how the NSA (National Security Agency) and others were constantly spying on private individuals under the guise of keeping an eye on criminals and terrorists. 

Lewitt flawlessly captures and delivers in his powerful depiction of Snowden’s seemingly meek exterior along with his determined and curious yet fearless nature. A beautiful combination of fact and mystery, Snowden in bound to keep conspiracy theorists and spy thriller fans entertained with its slow-burn thrill.


Given how the modern feminist movement has taken on the world in so many fields, the rarity of a female lead in the spy thriller genre comes as a sad shock. 

But Ava features Jessica Chaistain as lead, also known for her part in the Sci-fi thriller Interstellar, as a recovering drug addict and assassin who becomes a target of her own black-ops organization.  The movie, directed by Tate Taylor of Girl on the Train fame, is considered by audiences as a “government sanctioned John Wick” for those who love strong and rebellious female characters.

Packed with action and gorgeous cinematography, Ava also stars Colin Farrell and John Malkovich. Jessica Chastain, as our heroine, delves fully into her role with realistic emotion, as well as contrasting tenderness and strength. 

American Ultra 

American Ultra is without a doubt, a highly underrated cinematic masterpiece. Dealing with the popular theme of “sleeper’ agents, it catapults audiences into the rich story of unlikely but endearing protagonists. Jessie Eisenberg(The Social Network, Zombieland), plays Mike Howell a stoner and and laid back stoner who’s world is shaken when he ‘wakes up’ and is ‘activated’ by his CIA handler. 

Kristen Stewart, inarguably outshines her previously criticized linear performance in the Twilight series, and brings to life the character of Pheobe, Eisenberg’s counterpart and love interest. 

Along with dark but sturdy humor, a massive dose of action, and amusing tropes, Eisenberg and Stewart will make American Ultra a memorable watch for any fan of flavorful, fast paced spy thrillers and conspiracy theories of mind programming. 

Johnny English

Mr. Bean actor, well known and considered as the Charlie Chaplin of the 20th and 21st century, Rowan Atkinson reprises screens, once more as Johnny English. The success of the first movie and the wide audience it appealed to, paved way for two sequels that did equally well in the film world. 

Johnny English follows the story of the lead character of the same name, who plays an British undercover agent and is always called upon to thwart the evil plans of sneaky villains. With supporting actors like Gillian Anderson and Emma Thompson, Johnny English will keep all audiences captivated with hilarious turns. Any fan of spy thrillers is sure to love this movie series, as it induces bellyaches of laughter while keeping audiences busy guessing the next move of a comically flawed human hero.

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