5 Key Differences Between Commercial & Residential Refrigeration Units

Refrigeration units are a necessity in people’s lives, ranging from small households to big business giants, who require refrigeration systems to keep their inventory stocked and cooled. It’s crucial to have a cooling appliance to work at its full potential to keep customers satisfied and happy. Established businesses due to their size need commercial systems rather than standalone residential systems, to serve a larger crowd. However, both systems have their differences that influence an organization’s decision into purchasing commercial or residential systems. Moreover, there is also a concern when it comes to both types of systems, a fridge breaking down can cause havoc and disaster for business to become crucial to hire the right technician.

1.      Size

Commercial fridges are significantly larger than residential systems, usually designed as unappealing due to its commercial looks whereas; residential systems are more sales-focused providing a unique layout of fridges with good aesthetics. Commercial fridges tend to have large spaces for stockpiling food, and ease of access to inventory. Residential systems, have added features such as an attached fridge, some additional shelves act as separators, to organize different types of foods, making it easy to maintain and access, with limited temperature cooling. Commercial refrigeration repairs Sydney, have expert technicians to deal with large and complex systems, with proper expertise and knowledge.

2.      Cooling

Commercial systems are far stronger and cooler blowers than standard residential systems. This is because of the size of commercial systems that require faster cooling technology than residential that offers controlled temperature cooling. This makes it essential for big factories for the example food industry to maintain their quality of food and to make it safe for users to consume. Breaking down of commercial systems can be disastrous for businesses that suffer from spilled food stocks and other inventory so hiring a commercial refrigeration repairs Sydney, is of immense importance who will be available 24/7. Residential systems, however, are power efficient that regulate temperature thermostat to keep consistent controlled cooling.

3.      Aesthetics

Residential fridges come in a variety of colors, shapes, and some premium material. Residential systems being sales-focused have a unique design to specifically target users, giving eye-catching designs and tag lines to improve and boost sales. Commercial systems, on the other hand, are more focused on giving larger layouts to accompany bulks of inventory. However, materials used in commercial and residential systems differ, for instance, the outer shell of commercial systems uses stainless steel for ease of cleaning and less time-consuming. In parallel with residential systems, cleaning can be a more daunting task with additional shelves, sections requiring extensive cleaning.

4.      Repairing Costs

Commercial systems due to their complexity of electrical components can be costly to repair as well as hiring an expert technician would add up to the budget. Commercial systems require a team because of its size, where repairing by a single technician would make it too difficult to handle and manage with a greater risk to safety. Delayed or improper repairs can make the situation worse, leading to a stoppage of business operations, further leading to greater company losses. Residential systems serve households that only require work from an independent technician, with lesser work, and less hassle to fix equipment.

5.      Handling & Managing Equipment

Technicians serving both residential and commercial systems must have the skills and expertise to handle the equipment. Commercial systems require many more tools to solve little too complex components, making it crucial for technicians to have relevant and proper told to service systems. Inexperienced technicians will not usually have the skills to handle various equipment, refrigerator chemicals would be present in a fridge, so it becomes imperative for professionals to provide preventive maintenance due to the knowledge and skills they possess. Commercial refrigeration repairs Sydney, have expert technicians who are focused on giving customer satisfaction regarding maintaining long term customer relationships.

The truth being commercial and residential services both have their respective differences suiting their specific needs. However, having a proper maintenance plan, regular checkups not only keep parts in optimal condition but also help in maintaining a longer lifespan. At the end of the day, the main focus is to meet the demands of customers in the short and long runs, making maintenance a hassle-free service for them.

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