5 Must-Have Home Gym Equipment to Get Fit in 2021

Gyms are in a see-saw of opening and closing down from the start of 2020 due to the pandemic. Therefore, it has become apparent that expensive memberships or hiring personal trainers are not prerequisites to achieve fitness goals. We have realized in the past one year and so that one can maintain fitness from home too. Similarly, without weight machines and commercial cardio machines, it is now obvious that a home gym is a one-stop-shop solution both in terms of hygiene and safety. 

Further, we are still unclear about when it could be safe to return to your commercial gym. We could easily foresee an extended lockdown in 2021 as well. So, constructing a home gym or updating your existing one is a need of the hour. However, what fitness equipment is worth your investment in 2021? 

The options are endless. From space-saving options, high-quality smart gym equipment to budget-friendly machines, this blog post will feature 5 home gym equipment must-haves that can take your fitness to another level. 

1) Treadmill

With an array of options to choose from for a home gym, treadmills can prove to be your ultimate choice. They are easy to use and provide muscle motion similar to what you would get from jogging or walking outside.

The fitness treadmills come with an interactive display. These can provide 

  • Distance, 
  • Calories, 
  • Time, 
  • Heart Rate, 
  • Incline, and 
  • Speed. 

Treadmills of any quality fitness equipment supplier typically have a:

  • high elasticity deck, 
  • silicon cushion,
  • shock absorption, and an 
  • 8.5 cm * 63 cm wide deck

This machine also features preset exercise programs to make your workout sessions easy and fun. Another feature of a treadmill is that it offers you a: 

  • stable running, and
  • low-impact surface;
  • that can easily adjust to every stride you make

2) Dumbbell Set

A crucial quality offered by a dumbbell set is that a home gym equipment buying list is incomplete without it. Get a set of dumbbells that go from light to very heavy and it depends on who will be using them. 

In an ideal world, an entire set from 1 to 5kg is perfect for a home gym. The set makes it comfortable and anyone can use it in your home. Also, to save some space, you can buy a set with a durable workout rack. 

3) Rower

If your initial goal is to shed weight in the remaining 2021, then the rower is an ideal choice. It has a feature of display readouts (LCD) that shows you the following:0

  • distance,
  • time, 
  • calories, and 
  • strokes per minute

The rower’s seat is designed for a user’s comfort, so you don’t have to worry about the lower backache.  

Rowing helps rapid calories burn, making it a massive addition to any home gym. Including rowing a part of your workout, you can easily burn 10-15% calories more than other cardio workouts. The reason is a rower offers a whole-body workout, involving more muscles compared to most sports or exercises. 

4) Stationary Bikes

Stationary exercise bikes offer an immense cardio workout. Also, these can help build strength and endurance. There are three main kinds of stationary bikes; however, the workout movement is almost the same in all three. You do exercise by pedaling in the forward direction.

Following are the major forms of exercise bikes:

i) Spin Bike

This stationary bike is compact and is designed to offer a powerful workout to the user. You can adjust its intensity by escalating the tension on the front wheel. The spin bikes come outfitted with 

  • padded seats, 
  • castor wheels, 
  • emergency stop lever, and 
  • level knobs

ii) Recumbent Bike

This is among the most comfortable bikes of all three. A recumbent bike can help you with weight loss in a short period. These are designed to restrict workout injuries and minimize the magnitude on the knees, making them perfect for anyone who’s suffering from knee and joint issues.

iii) Upright Bike

These are designed to give you a challenging workout and are among the sought-after home gym equipment. Whether you are new to working out or an athlete, this stationary bike will give you a satisfying cardio workout.    

5) Foldable Weight Bench 

If you need to work out at home and at the same time you have to change your workout venue due to traveling, a folding workout bench is your need. This can maintain your workout requirements. 

A foldable home bench from a top-tier weight bench supplier is always compact and easily foldable. With its foldable feature, you can keep it at home or carry it in your car. When this weight bench is opened, you get the options to perform workouts in: 

  • Decline position, 
  • Flat position, or 
  • Incline position 

Last Word 

Irrespective of your fitness goals, Home fitness equipment is the best option for you whether it’s: 

  • Burn calories, 
  • Lose weight, or 
  • Get your heart rate up

So, we hope this blog post has inspired you to achieve or complete your fitness resolutions for 2021.

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