5 Questions You Should Ask Before Tinting Your Car

Do you think car tinting is cool? Of course yes. Otherwise, you will not be searching for this. As you have landed here, you are considering your options.  If you are ready to join the ranks of the cool and shady cars rolling down the street, you must know what the tinting world holds for you.

You must have seen some incredible tints and some not-so-good tints as well. What makes them different? And how to ensure that you will not make those wrong decisions? There is a lot to consider. 

You will be asking questions from the people in your network driving tinted cars and it’s best to consult some car window tinting professionals. Here are the top 5 questions you must ask before hoping for the badass tint you imagined!

What Are the Benefits Of Window Tinting?

Is car window tint only an aesthetic choice? Surprisingly, no. There are several benefits of getting your car windows tinted. The range of benefits varies with different types of tints. As technology is evolving, there are tinting qualities that offer better UV protection for your skin and a lot more. Following are some of the benefits you can get from window tinting.

  • Better privacy for driver and passengers
  • Window panes can endure impacts without sustaining serious damage
  • Offer protection against harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Keep the temperatures cool in your car
  • Safety from vandalism as the tinted windows do not shatter easily  

Discuss what you need the most and the professionals will help you choose the best brands for you.

How Long Will It Last?

Quality counts as it lasts. And when it comes to car tints, it shows pretty well. A simple way to know the difference between top quality and average quality is to ask how long will the tint last. The longer it can stay, the better it is. The durability of tint greatly relies on three main factors.

  • Type of tint  
  • Accuracy of installation
  • Maintenance routine

While you are weighing your options for different brands and tint types, don’t forget to ask about their typical life expectancy. Inquire about the maintenance tasks required to enjoy the benefits of window tinting for long. And above all, you should always select a knowledgeable and experienced person for installation.

How Much Does It Cost?

Then comes the price considerations. Request estimates from different companies. Do your research to know the price ranges of different brands and compare the value for the price. Settling for the cheapest tint is a deadly mistake. It not only affects the aesthetic appeal of your car but you may need to replace it more often. 

The frequent installation will sum up to be more than the price of the top-quality tint so start with the right product. High-end tints offer maximum benefits for the passengers.  If you are running short of money, leave the idea for a while. Save up some money before shopping for tint.

Are There Any Tinting Laws I Should Know?

Nobody likes to be fined or penalized for installing a cool tint to their vehicle but it is a possibility. Armor up against these odds by investigating the tinting laws in your area. These laws and regulations are devised to keep you and everyone else safe on the road. So before you invest your money in the darkest or shiniest possible know you are not allowed to do.

The research is a bit difficult as these regulations differ for different kinds of vehicles and window types. You need to focus on the allowed percentage of visible light transmission (VLT) for your state. For instance, in Texas, 25% VLT tint is allowed with less than 25% reflection.

Is There A Warranty?

When you are investing your money in a high-quality tint, you need to know if there is a warranty backing it up. Opt for the tints with lifetime limited warranties so that reinstalling a tint due to improper installation of defects in materials does not cost you anything. Such warranties cover-up for damages as long as you are using the car and sticking to the advised maintenance routine. Talk to your tint installer for all details.

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