6 Proven Methods To Significantly Improve Recruitment Productivity

The world of temporary recruitment can feel like a whirlwind, with a seemingly endless list of tasks and challenges that constantly need to be overcome. And, all too often, no matter how hard you and your team are working, getting ahead can feel like an uphill struggle. Thankfully, there are steps which can be taken to reduce the burden and increase productivity as a result. Read on to discover six such proven methods.

  1. Address Your Workflow

When there’s an endless “to do” list to be faced each day, it can be easy to simply dive in without taking a breath. Yet you can expect better results by structuring your workflow into segmented and categorised activities. Prioritise your activities at the start of each day. From emailing to making calls, to feeding back to management – note how much time is dedicated to different tasks to identify areas for improvement.

  1. Automate with Temporary Workforce Management Software

It’s calculated that only 37% of a recruitment professional’s time is actually spent recruiting. The rest of the workday is quickly swallowed up by a host of other tasks, such as routine administration duties. Switching to temporary workforce management software can significantly boost productivity by automating many repetitive tasks, and providing time-saving templates for communications. Functions that enable quick and easy shift allocations, placement check-ins and access to all other relevant data will also save plenty of your precious time.

  1. Get The Pressure Levels Right

If you manage a team, make sure they are motivated with achievable yet sufficiently challenging targets to meet. Make sure these targets are clearly understood by all members of the team, whilst offering incentives (such as gift cards, or bonuses) can help motivate your colleagues to raise their productivity game.

  1. Make Use of Mobile Technology

Nowadays, we don’t simply sit behind a desktop. So boost your teams’ productivity by giving them access to temporary workforce management software that’s accessible from any device with an internet connection. Such cloud-based solutions offer a flexible yet fully secure way for recruiters to work productively wherever they may be.

  1. Get- And Give- The Full Picture

Motivate your teams by giving them detailed performance metrics, which can be gained through the use of temporary workforce management software. This can help employees identify areas of strength, and target other aspects which need improvement. It can provide valuable insights for the whole agency, with metrics on areas such as candidate attendance easily viewed and analysed.

  1. Stay Positive

Of course, you can’t always choose who you have to work with, but aiming to avoid the most demanding or negative influences can have a significant effect on your morale – and your productivity as a result. Aim to reduce your interactions with overly difficult candidates or clients, who will invariably eat up more than their share of your valuable time. Fostering a great working environment can certainly help too. After all, happy, motivated staff are more productive.

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