7 great beauty podcasts you should be listening to while getting ready in the morning

Who would have thought that talking about something as visually appealing as beauty rituals and putting on makeup would attract such a large audience? But none of us thought that it would be so easy to buy something as tangible as a beauty product online. We learn as we live. When we listen to podcasts, we learn. Our favourite beauty-related podcasts talk about everything from health and self-care to product reviews and tips on how to start and run a business in the beauty industry. The ones we chose to talk about here were picked because they had smart product picks and interesting stories, and the conversations were pretty in-depth. If you’re in need of a refresher on the greatest beauty podcasts out there, check out our list below.

Fat Mascara

The hosts of this podcast, beauty editors and friends Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, talk about beauty in an honest and personal way. In their day jobs, they judge and analyse what’s going on in the industry, and in this podcast, they do the same thing. You can look forward to interviews with big names like Gucci Westman and Frederic Malle, as well as funny personal stories, travel tales, and product suggestions.

The Beauty Podcast by Sali Hughes

you’re looking for serious information and don’t want to get bogged down in small chat, this podcast and its presenter are just what you’re looking for. Sali Hughes, a beauty journalist, is known for her no-nonsense approach to the beauty industry, which she employs in an effort to increase openness by dissecting methods, products, and procedures. It’s not only easy listening because she’s not standing up for anything dishonest or frothy. But you have to listen if you want answers to the questions in the back of your mind.

The Emma Guns Show

One of the most popular podcasts is hosted by Emma Gunavardhan, a broadcaster and writer. All the latest beauty news, reviews, and guest appearances can be found here. There are several episodes devoted to different elements of mental health, including the perspectives of those who have been affected by mental illness as well as those who have solved problems or served as consultants. Her openness about her own sadness and anxiety has inspired six million downloads, making her one of the most popular self-help authors in the world.


The podcast by Jules von Hep and Sarah Powell is important because it sends a strong message about empowerment and being happy with your body. That we all have ‘wobbles’ in our lives is something the hosts remind us of. They do so with guests like iconic makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes and super-inclusive disruptive influence Deepica Mutyala, who spoke about how her dark circles shot her to fame, and what it means for her to represent women of colour.

The Beauty Brains

Do you want to know more about the science behind your skin care products but don’t know who to ask? Scientists Perry Romanowski and Randy Schueller are two of the only male voices in the world of beauty podcasts. They break down the molecules and claim to give you some hard facts. You’ll hear deeply philosophical questions like whether Coca-Cola can give a better suntan, and whether you should use a skin cream made out of your own blood.

On the Line with Estée Lalonde

YouTuber Lalonde has become something like a “agony aunt” because she has a podcast where people send in questions. In each session, she works with a guest to talk about things like meditation, cervical screening, body positivity, and CBD. It’s clear that no idea is off-limits, so be ready for tangents and stories that will make you think.

Natch Beaut

Even though this isn’t the typical beauty podcast, you’ll learn about pelvic floor exercises with weights and the best way to oil up your butt in this episode. Comedian Jackie Johnson is the girl we all want to be—a funny smarty pant who talks about beauty and wellness with no holds barred. More of this, please.

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