A Guide to Pen Testing

Every day businesses are putting their sensitive data and information at risk because they aren’t working on quality encryption or may have local encryption already but it isn’t as effective as it is supposed to. This is where Pen Testing comes in handy, if you don’t know then it is an ethical hacking where the ethical hackers can infiltrate the security system of the company with the consent to figure out if there is any security flaw in the system or within the company that can be exploited. This test or test can be a great way to avoid any disastrous consequences that can cost the company not financially but the reputation damage can cost them a permanent shutdown.

Why Does Your Company Needs Pen Testing?

If you want to avoid thieves then you will have to think like thieves and the same goes for the hackers as well. If you want to avoid hackers then you will have to think and act like hackers and a Penetration Testing Provider acts in the same way. Penetration testing is a type of ethical hacking that just created a virtual scenario of a real hacker attack to show the security experts of the company how a hacking attack could look like. The purpose of Penetration Testing is to make sure that the company has a sufficient security system. Pentest can find out any security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

The Methodology

The Penetration Test is a manual test performed by experts that dig deeper into your system and environment of the business then an automated flaw scan is performed. These experts particularly try to find out any security vulnerability in the system within the organization and setup that can be exploited by hackers and fix it accordingly.

Why Does It Perform?

Having strong cyber security is compulsory for any business but unfortunately, most of the business environments and setups are designed in a way that there is little to no expert involved when it comes to cyber security. A penetration test is performed by an experienced pen tester to identify and document any flaw within the system that can cause a problem. Because the tester imitates real hackers, this can give you the right idea regarding the issue and scenario so you can remediate them accordingly and in a time so a real hacker couldn’t take any advantage of it.

The PCI DSS requires the business to perform such tests to find out the situation and strength of their security system. Pen Testing is crucial to make sure that no business will work with having a flawed security system. If a business has already made any subsequent changes in their system then they will need to assess their system as well to make sure it is up to the standards.

Final Words

For any business these days, having a proficient security system is compulsory and this can only be done with the help of experienced Penetration Testing Services. To make sure that a business has a perfect security system to secure and store company and customer data opting for annual Penetration Testing is a must.