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What do cows eat is a question that often arises in our mind when we see a cow on a farm with healthy skin and a clean body or when we see the red meat in supermarkets. This question is also important when it comes to getting good quality milk production in cows because you are what you eat is something that fits on the cows perfectly. If you are about to start taking care of cows and want to know what do cows eat so you can feed them for their better health then continue reading the following.

Understand the Nutritional Requirements of Cow

Before you start feeding, consider this, two major phases affect the cow’s diet. They are mid-gestation and late-gestation and you need to understand the differences. While calves aren’t growing much in mid-gestation growing so their requirement for food and nutrition are considerably low. However, they will require much in there in late gestation. This is the time when people often overlook the nutritional requirement of early lactation. Also, when you want to rebreed the cow, don’t exaggerate in feeding them.

Stay Consistent In Your Feeding.

Food quantity in both times of thee is critical so it is crucial to feed the cows at the same time or within 30 minutes and you will have to be consistent in feeding. It may sound simple but it holds a lot of value. If you don’t have an exact time to feed then even knowing that what do cows eat, you cannot feed them effectively. Consistent access to fresh and clean water is another important factor at all times. Water helps them to digest the food easily, so when it comes to feeding the cows, make sure they have an effective water supply system especially in summer.

Choose Good Quality Hay

Hay is a good option to feed the cows as well so when you want to but dry hay for cows make sure it is of good quality. Now it is easier to find a feeding calculator that can help you to know the best value of hay not just the low cost but its value for the feeding to cows as well. If you are valuing the hey totally on its raw protein and digestible nutrients then you should have the idea that what you are getting because not knowing what they are buying for them.

Opt For a Good Combo Feed

This is especially effective for those who have got a mixer wagon; They can opt for a mixed ration of distillers and leftovers of baled corn along with grains as they can be a very good cow ration. Feeding limitation is also a low-cost option. “Distillers’ that are fed with some low-quality feed such as corn stalks is also a budget-friendly option because distillers are often a budget-friendly option for both protein and energy.

Feeding in Bunk for Less Waste

When cows are fed with the dried distillers then they are more likely to make a mss on the ground with dried grains and they can waste up to 40%. However, when they are fed in a bunk the wastage will be about 6%. So, if you don’t want to waste while feeding the cows, you should feed them in a bunk.

What about Individualized Plans?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because every time some cows may require a different level of feeding due to many reasons from growth phase to purpose so make sure you have individualized plans for such cows. According to experts, one size feed fits all strategy has never been a success for animals. You should understand what individual animal needs and work accordingly. Understand what each feeding has to offer and feed accordingly because what one cow needs, the other may already have.

Using Supplement

Nothing can beat the natural but increasing requirement for market and individual needs will affect the nutritional requirements so the use of the supplement is also important for them. When it comes to supplementation, it is used having the goal of increasing or sustaining the body weight or body condition of the animal and this can effectively be done by using the forage resource available or by replacing them.

Finding the Competitive Edge

When it comes comparing the cow-calf business, the farms where the cost per cow is significant lower is always considered successful so when you want to know about the profit and saving ratio then know about your completive edge and make your system working accordingly and if this involves trying something new then don’t afraid to try it. However, you can visit here for related information as well.

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