AC Maintenance Tips | Common Air Conditioners Problems

Incorrect operation is one of the biggest problems with air conditioners. Make sure you close all windows and doors that are open when your air conditioner is turned on. There are some of the best AC brands in the market that can help you enjoy longer life span without affecting the performance. Both BlueStar ACs and Voltas ACs provide better customer service compared to other AC brands.

Poor installation, insufficient maintenance, and poor service procedures are all common problems for existing air conditioners. Leakage and low airflow can be caused by improperly installed air conditioners. The refrigerant charge, which is the amount of refrigerant within the system, may not be in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. The unit’s performance and efficiency will be affected if proper refrigerant charge isn’t performed at installation. Many service technicians fail to spot refrigerant charging issues or worsen existing problems by adding refrigerant into a system already full. High quality, rugged products are what air conditioner manufacturers make. If your air conditioner stops working, it’s usually due to one of the following common reasons:

Leakage of refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels can indicate that your air conditioner was not properly charged at installation or that it is leaking. It is not possible to simply add refrigerant to an air conditioner that leaks. An experienced technician will fix the leak, check the repair and charge the system with the right amount of refrigerant. Your air conditioner will perform best if the refrigerant charge matches the manufacturer’s specifications.

Inadequate maintenance

Filters and coils can become dirty and cause the air conditioner to stop working properly. The compressor and fans will likely fail sooner.

Failure of electric control

When the compressor or fan controls are used frequently, they can become worn out. This is especially true if an air conditioner is large. A professional service call should check electrical connections and contacts for corrosion.

Maintaining existing air conditioners

Even older air conditioners can still provide years of reliable service. You will need to maintain your older air conditioner in order to make it last.

Refrigerants: Features

Residential heat pumps and central air conditioning systems use HCFC-22 as their refrigerant. It is nontoxic, nonflammable and odorless and is sealed within the system. It can, however, be misused as with any other substance. It is important to know that people have died after deliberately inhaling pure gas or “sniffing it”. This could be caused by buying refrigerant cans like those used for recharging automobile air conditioners. Concentrated refrigerant can cause cardiac irregularities or even a fatal heart attack by inhaling.

A large amount of refrigerant gas could cause respiratory distress and suffocation. However, residential systems are much more efficient than commercial systems due to the small refrigerant amounts in their 24,000-36,000 Btuh (2.5-ton to 3-ton)units.

Should I raise my thermostat in hot weather?

It’s a smart idea to increase the temperature to 82 degrees if your house will be empty for longer than four hours. This is in addition to the 78 recommended. To reduce heat buildup, keep the house sealed. Do not lower the thermostat when you return home. Your air conditioner system won’t cool your home as fast and could waste money by cooling it more than necessary.

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