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My uncle and aunt contacted me separately through phone calls. The secret calls and way of talk clearly showed that something serious is going on. I told them that I will try my best to visit. So when I went to the house both of them thought that I went to meet them. The start was interesting so I sat them both and asked what the matter was.  As I know their history I was sure that they are simply exaggerating anything minor. It was true. So both of them told me that they want to ask about my opinion on the use of mobile tracker app. They wanted me to find an efficient mobile app for them that they can use for teenagers. So in the end it was all about their kid. 

I told them not to worry about anything as the use of mobile tracker app is a common trend these days. One of the apps that offer excellent parental control features name OgyMogy can solve most of their problems. I told them I will send them the details through email and they can further research the app and other details online if they want. So while preparing content for them I thought of sharing the material with all of you as well. Here is why today’s parents must use the spy app technology or monitoring software for the parents. 

Screen Activity Report:

Screens are an important part of our daily lives. We can’t avoid them nor run away from them even if we want. OgyMogy mobile tracker app lets the parents know about all the screen activities of the teenagers in full detail. You can know if they are using the cellphone late at night or using it for any wrong purpose in any way. The real-time access to the screen makes it easy for parents to keep a check on the online activities of the teen. 

Timestamped information:

All the information is saved with time and date information. This is an efficient way to keep control of the excessive screen use or time division of the students. Manage the time spent on the digital gadgets and keep the kid under control. 

GPS location Tracking:

Live location updates are a real blessing for parents especially those like my uncle and aunt. As the naughty and irresponsible kids mostly forget to text back and report about their safety. With the GPS feature, the app will report the live pinpoint location of the target at any given time. No need to send them the text or make a call. 


Marking of the safe and restricted zone on Google Maps can help the parents to know about the kid’s whereabouts and general movements. Make them stop visiting irrelevant places such as adult clubs by using the geofencing feature.

Camera Bug:

The camera bug feature allows the user to remotely control the camera of the target person’s device. In this way, one can capture the surroundings of the kids whenever they want. Find out about the kid’s company and routine with the camera bug feature. 

Mic Bug:

Listen to the kid’s discussions and chats and find out if they are in kind of trouble by using the live listen to surrounding feature. 

Web tracking :

The Internet has made the world a global village. One can simply click on a link and know about any topic in detail. Always monitor your kid’s web browsing history with the OgyMogy mobile tracker app that offers access to all the websites visited by the kids.

Web Filtering:

Block any unwanted content simply by using the web filtering feature. You can simply block sexual or adult content, porn sites, and other irrelevant material from the kid’s browser. 

Facebook spy app:

With the Facebook spy app, everything is under the remote eye of the parent. Teen’s accounts can be completely supervised by the parents. Even the app gives access to the Facebook messenger box as well.

Calendar Access:

Remote access to the calendar makes it easy for parents to know about any secret plans of the teenagers. Know if they are planning to throw a surprise party and for any other schedule with easy access to the built-in calendar of the target device. 

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Author: mayank

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