Beard is part of man’s masculine, independent and mature character. Beard styles are now transforming and growing day by day with new looks and appearance. Facial hair is shaped like a man’s face and truly modifies the way he looks. Therefore, give on the traditional bread look and try new and trending styles in 2021.

Short beard styles and clean shaves are not as popular as long bread these days. According to a survey conducted by YouGov, the popularity of the beard has been growing very rapidly since 2011, with over 40% of men now sporting some kind of facial fuzz, along with the full beard. Styles is the most popular one. However, let’s have the best trending beards styles 2021. Read on to discover!

  • Stubble beard style

This beard style is practical in both length and style. Those who do not prefer full beard can choose this beard style which is not a very clean shave and short beard. Among all the facial hairstyles available for men, stubble is the easiest to grow. What you have to do is don’t shave for a few days and the natural beard style is good to go. This also suits all face types and is easiest to maintain.

  • Corporate beard style

This beard style is corporate friendly and versatile which is perfectly suited for an office look that adds a serious note to their faces.  The short beard sits perfectly alongside a suit for an office program. A well-trimmed beard fits with every face shape, however you may need to tackle the angles to emphasize your best face features and work with imperfections. For instance, if you have a round face, you need to reduce the side length of the beard to elongate the face shape.

  • Full beard

Full beard looks really cool, right? But it is an easy task to grow that beard as it seems. The more facial hair means more problems to encounter and more maintenance it requires. Among all the beard styles, a fuller beard is the hardest to take care of properly due to its complexion. If you have an oval face shape then there will be no problem making it work, however if you have any other face shape, you need to trim it creatively to ensure it fits well.

  • Grey beard look

The man who already has grey hair can make it establish a fuller beard that suits well. Most of the men might be shy about growing grey bread but if you are confident enough then don’t be shy about your beard color changing. There are plenty of ways to style to wear best, it doesn’t matter it’s color. You have to show others you accept and like what you look like. It’s a brave masculine gesture.

  • Trimmed beard style

Nowadays men are used to wearing trimmed beards in order to look impeccably for every occasion. The perfect dyed beard, trimmed and carefully arranged can give you the aspect of a very stylish man, always focusing on wearing a fresh and elegant look. You can easily make it yourself or visit a nearby salon to get a perfectly trimmed stylish beard for any kind of event and occasion.

  • Beard fade style

The hottest beard style that is trendy in 2021 is beard fade style. This unique and stylish beard can be created by creating a clean line on the cheek that fades down to the jawline. The result will be arced, natural and goatee chin strap. This is one of the most carefully looking beard styles, so if you want to wear it, you need to keep it fresh and new. Give a try to this look and be ready for the gentleman’s presence to remember this year.

  • Bald head, hairy face

Beard with a bald head is a new sensation these days. There is one tricky thing before making this choice, the bald and beard combination requires choosing the beard according to your face shape and head shape. For instance, if you have an oval face shape you should stick to the short beard style to avoid making your face longer. However if you have found face shape, you can choose a long beard style to enhance the appearance.

  • Goatee beard style

This is one of the classical beard styles, as someone said ‘old is gold’. This beard style is still trending in 2021 and well known as standard beard. This stylish look is for those who don’t want to let their beard completely off. But it is a good option for those who want to look presentable and classy. This suits best with oval and round face shape. Ensure to grow a sufficient amount of beard to avoid trimming and shaving. It would be best to visit a salon to achieve perfect circle shape since it can be a little tricky on your own.

Bottom line

Go ahead and choose the best beard style trending in 2021. Look for a masculine, stylish and serious look to impress not only women but also business’s mates. Hope you found this helps and will try out these to figure out what works best for you. Are you looking for the right salon to try these beard looks?  Then, check out an online salon booking app that offers all kinds of services ranging from short beard styles to makeup and bridal packages with any salon. You can compare pricing, ratings and services to choose the right venue. All you have to do is book the appointment and visit there at slot time.