Chatgpt-4: Check Out the Key Announcements!

About a year ago approx. startup of OpenAI released the first chatbot AI for public use. There has been a remarkable boom in the artificial intelligence system seen in the last 12 months. Soon, it led to the other big thing tech world, when it got Microsoft’s back. Google to launch its own AI chatbot. These aspects make the industry a giant in tech ground.

Over time the open ChatGPT has been upgrading its models to bring new capabilities. This is the best thing for users. On November 6, the company hosted its first-ever conference of AI developers and called it DevDay. It happens in San Francisco.

List Of Announcements from The Event:

  • GPT-4 Turbo

OpenAI has upgraded the improved large language model that is known as GPT-4 Turbo. It is saying that the improvement is now more capable and will be the cheaper option for developers. The company said that the context window has 128k which is more equivalent to 300 pages of text in a single prompt. It can be more 5than 300 pages as well.

  • Over 100 million weekly users

It is insane, ChatGPT has 100 million weekly users. The real fact is it took ChatGPT to reach 100 million monthly active users after 2 months of its launch date. If we compare it with social networks like Facebook it took about 4 & half years, Twitter took almost 5 years, and Instagram about 2 years to hit 100 million active users after their respective launch.

  • More than 2 million developers

A year ago, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, and since then, the company has attracted millions of developers to create new experiences. In their recent announcement, they revealed that approximately 2 million developers are actively working on it, and around 500 Fortune companies are using its products.

  • GPTs and GPT store

OpenAI has clearly announced the GPTs – ChatGPT-like chatbots that users can create or get help for a specific reason – without requiring any coding in the process. To make the GPT more helpful in daily life, GPTs represent a new way for everyone. This is customized to generate new versions of OpenAI. The company can easily develop a custom ChatGPT for its various internal uses. Individuals can share them publicly, and the news is here about the new GPT store that is rolling out later this month. The creation of the stores will be by the verified builders.

  • Copyright Shield

OpenAI is currently working like or we can say following the footsteps of Microsoft and Google in protecting the company and customers against copyright lawsuits. This is known as a copyright shield. We can now easily defend our customers and pay the cost that occurred. This will only happen or you will face legal claims around the copy infringement, said by the company.

Furthermore, there will be some new features and improvements added in OpenAI ChatGPT, that is GPT4. This will be rolled out later in the same month as its launch

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