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“Renting Packaging is essential to the success of any business. Most companies use boxes for packing their goods while some even use crates. When it comes to packing your products, it is very important that you get the right kind of box. Wrong packing with the wrong kind of boxes can badly affect the quality of your product. You don’t want to get damaged goods at the time of delivery or at the time of sale.

Upending Packaging

Upending Packaging is an industry term that refers to the process of packing of products in custom made boxes. “urencing” is an old French term. This method of packing was popularized by the English companies during the Industrial Revolution. These companies used custom-made playing card boxes to pack their goods and to protect them from damage. Today we use plastic-based boxes to pack our goods and to protect them from damages.

Urencing Packaging

Urencing Packaging was highly preferred by the companies at that time since it was economical and also had a high appearance value. “Urencing Packaging” as a concept has been around since then but its usage has changed over time. “Urencing Packaging” now applies to the manufacturing industry. “Urencing Packaging” is mostly applied to manufacture of custom printed boxes.

Custom Printed Boxes

In the earlier times people would make use of simple boxes to pack the cards. This used to prevent damage to the cards and it also did not allow the cards to be bent. The custom printed boxes are manufactured using special equipment. The cards are first drawn on a machine before they are printed on paper. The paper that is used to print the cards is special too.

Custom Playing Card Box

A custom playing card box is manufactured using a metal frame and sleeveless corners. In the early days of “upending Packaging” a wooden box was used. However, the use of wood proved to be expensive and it was also susceptible to damage. Since plastic is cheaper than wood, plastic replaced it in manufacturing “upending Packaging” boxes.

custom-made playing card boxes


The first custom box was manufactured for the game of “Uno.” “Uno” is a very old game. When the game was invented, many different games were created to play the game. One of these games was “Uno” which was originated in Japan. The “Uno” game had the game card inserted into the box with the numbers one to twenty placed in the front and the card’s face up.

The manufacturer who made the “urencing Packaging” of “Uno” was Shoe Company of Japan. Shoe was one of the most famous and successful companies in the world at that time. Their reputation in the market was outstanding and the cards of “Uno” were printed in a beautiful way to make the card boxes even more beautiful.


There are many advantages of using a custom playing card box. First of all, it is economical. It will cost you less to make the box than buying a readymade one from a store. Secondly, it gives your cards more protection. Finally, it makes the playing card look neat and pretty.

Card Boxes

“Uno” cards have very unique and nice-looking pictures printed on them. This picture on the card boxes gives the cards an extra touch. When your opponent gets a hold of one of your cards, he will know where to put it quickly so that he does not lose it. When your opponent gets hold of the perfect card for him to use, your chances of winning will be increased.

Professional Setting

“Uno” is considered the national sport of Japan. This is why many companies have their products made in this nation. As a matter of fact, the majority of professionally played “Uno” games are played in a professional setting. These professional “Uno” card games are won by the most points.

Business Purposes

Many people play “Uno” to have fun. They also play it for business purposes. They may use the boxes to store cards when they are not in use and to display the cards during gatherings. If you are the host of a “Uno” tournament, you may want to have a few quality card boxes at home. You will always have the important cards at hand.

Custom Card Boxes

Custom card boxes are great to have at home or in a tournament setting. They provide a place to store your cards safely while also adding a winning edge in the game. Many people find that playing “Uno” is much more enjoyable when you have a handy box where the cards can be stored. This will ensure that everyone has something to play with during the duration of the game. If you are interested in purchasing some Uno card boxes, there are a few great sources available online.

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