Explore the New Beauty Tech Innovations in 2024: From AI-Enhance Makeover to Robotic Nail Accessories

Technological innovation has given rise to the transformative concept of beauty and tech. So, there has been a fascinating transformation in the arena of beauty and personal care.

The same thing is going to happen at the beginning of 2024. Although, there are lots of evolutions in beauty products with technological advancements. These are occurring by keeping the requirements of the individuals prior.

In this dynamic landscape, these beauty and self-care trends reflect a harmonious blend.

This is the combination of science and beauty. This caters to the evolving needs of consumers.

Moreover, there are several devices launched recently to enhance beauty this year. This includes home robots to replace Nair arts visits. In addition, it has launched tools that colour hair with one push of a button.

You can also store the luxury items in a beauty refrigerator. Along with this, there are some tools for lip care.

Ahead, we have collected a list of the best beauty finds for the beginning of 2024. That is worth buying.

Have a look at the top picks below.

The AI Make-Up Products

The launched Lip Cure Beam has been gaining popularity since the day of its launch. Because it is famous for its patented technology.

It has two main benefits.

It helps in the lip care routine. And, it also has the properties of a make-up look. Along with this, it plumps the lips to give a pouty look.

First of all, this device first checks the moisture level and skin condition of the lip by the sensor. Then the applicator uses a brush. The brush emits high-tech visible light according to diagnostic results. Thus, light activates materials. As a result, this material boosts natural collagen and forms a moisturising barrier.

There are also two other devices for skin care at home. One is Cosmechip for the skincare routine.

Another is colour master by Tonework, which uses artificial intelligence. This is useful to identify the makeup shades suitable for your skin type and tone.

The Luxury Refrigerator Vanity

This latest cooling system hopes to extend the life of your favourite cosmetics. This portable refrigerator helps to drop the humidity. For this, it has an optimal preservation temperature setting.

The user can set the temperature according to the product. It has a built-in thermostat and customizable compartments. There is a roomy interior to store bottles upright.

There are even many sizes of this refrigerator in the market. For instance, larger ones have a capacity of 5 litres.

So, you can keep those items that need extra temperature-controlled care.

The Robotic Nail Treatment


This smart at-home nail and brow salon makes use of AI and Robotics. It Paints and dries professional-quality nails in 33 vegan shades.

Furthermore, there is also a device that is like a typical gel manicure kit. Then, it matches you with more than 20 algorithms to calculate suitable polish needs.

A robotic arm completes this painting to mimic human motions.

One more device like this is arriving in the market, an at-home eyebrow makeover. The device provides tech-enabled brows as per face dimensions.

The Magic Hair-dying

This is one of the best innovations in beauty and techs. This is a tool that colours the hair with one push of a button. Thus, it avoids messy work any more.

The magic hair-dying brush has colour cartridges to make it easier and stain-free. It works very well on touch-up roots.

One can use a single cartridge to a full head. It can cover three root retouches. You can use unfinished cartridges for the next use.

There will be 20 hydrating shades available in the market. All these are free from ammonia and parabens.

This is going to come in near spring in the online as well as offline stores.


2024 has come with lots of beauty devices that work on artificial intelligence. These are beneficial to enhance beauty without any mess.

Dying hair has become very easy with magic tools. One can make lips pouty with new tech.

Whether you are new to makeover or expert, these above-mentioned devices are great for you.

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