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Jewelry is always the perfect element to lift any outfit and as no outfit is complete without a good combination of jewelry, today I am going to tell you what are the colors, designs, and styles that will come to give the perfect complement to your image during the season. colorful of the year.

For Spring Summer 2021, jewelry or costume jewelry will not be so subtle since it is expected that the earrings, necklaces, bracelets will be large, loud, and bright that will impact instantly.

Some of the spring/summer 2021 jewelry trends are thematically suitable for the warm seasons, such as flowers, seashells, and many bright colors. These trends involve wearing the necklace and earring sets. There are also many boho designs, as well as many models that will appeal to those with minimalist sensibilities.

Take note and know what are the jewelry trends that are coming for the next hot months!

Chains and links 

The use of chains has been present since 2018, since then the street style began to recover this type of accessory that brings reminiscences of the excess of the 80s and part of the beginning of 2000. For 2021 there are no restrictions as far as finishes (polished or textured), materials, or shades (they appear in both gold and silver): the only maxim to follow is that the XL size has the upper hand.

Chunky link necklaces and bracelets will be the perfect spotlight to wear this season. Chunky link bracelets with textured finishes will add an attitude to your outfit. 

Chunky Necklaces are thick necklaces that are impressive and highlight your neck for their links, they are braided in gold or silver. This necklace suits everyone, you lift a simple dress and give it the touch by giving importance to the trend of the necklace. They can be worn as evening jewelry.

Beaded Necklaces and Bracelets 

And since we are talking about beads, necklaces, and bracelets with colored beads will also be with EVERYTHING. But not only that, but you can add cute details like your name with letters, which looks very cute. You can have this type of necklaces made, and personalized things are always prettier.

Fashion earrings

Chunky Fashion Earrings

The thick fashion earrings of all sizes stand out, the smaller ones are ideal for every day. For an eye-catching evening look, you can wear thick XL hoops.

Colorful Fashion Earrings 

As it seems that we will spend another season meeting face to face through the screens, it is time to bet on long and colorful earrings to promote the perfect frame for our face.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a casual or formal event, they look good with EVERYTHING. You can wear chunky, inlaid metallic earrings.

Complex earrings, with a lot of movement and in bright colors such as turquoise, fuchsia, orange, green and pink, will be the ones that will lead this spring-summer 2021 season.

Jewelry with Magic

Details such as quartz, precious stones, eyes of good energy, tarot and zodiac will be present this spring 2021 in jewelry.


While in most cases anklets joined the 2021 summer shoes, they also remained one of the accessory trends. These trends are from this Spring Summer 2021 season, in terms of jewelry, finally, you decide how you want to combine them with your looks to make your outfit more striking.The great designers predict that everything silver will regain its power and shine again naturally in the streets. Choosing one or the other metal is up to you, but in this case, our general recommendation when buying metallic jewelry is to choose timeless garments that you can use alone or with other pieces. So, you can get the best out of each jewel and always look chic and elegant.

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