Tailbone pain (also known as coccyx pain) is the pain at the bottom of the spine where the coccyx is located and it worsens when you sit down. Women are more prone to experiencing tailbone pain because of pregnancy or having given birth, which is one of the primary causes. Another factor that may cause tailbone pain is falling. The coccyx or tailbone, which is composed of four different bones fused together, can easily be broken, dislocated, or fractured when you fall from a chair or from playing your favorite sport. This is where the coccyx wedge cushion comes to a great rescue.

These cushions can help reduce or relieve pain on the tailbone and spine. They are made of different materials that help prevent direct pressure on the coccyx or tailbone.

The specialties

There are coccyx wedge cushions that use visco-elastic memory foam invented by NASA. This cushion has greater density compared to normal foams and is able to mold and shape to your body. Its versatility enables you to use it almost anywhere. Some are made of resilient foam and may not work with heavyweight people. A gel cushion is a gel cushion combined with a foam layer. The soft gel layer distributes pressure and weight across the cushion while the foam layer provides stability.

Other coccyx cushions use air, which makes them the most portable type. The cushion can be adjusted by adding or reducing the amount of air to give you the desired comfort. While polyurethane foam cushions are affordable types of cushion that will not flatten or sinks when being used.

These cushions can be made out of different materials mentioned above. Most of the time, people find cushions with cut-out underneath the coccyx more comfortable although some may find comfort using slanted cushions.

The wedge style cutout cushion has a cutout section to ensure that the tailbone is not touched when you are sitting. You can use this coccyx seat cushion especially when traveling for long hours. It may also serve as a car seat cushion.

Donut seat cushion (ring coccyx seat cushion), as the name suggests, is a donut-shaped cushion with a center hole. However, it may not work well in all cases. When you use this kind of coccyx cushion, expect that your tailbone might still be touching the seat.

For the benefit of those who do not know it yet, foam wedge cushions are commonly used in nursing homes to help patients recover from different kinds of injuries. These cushions are also important for moderate-high backrest in order to ease breathing problems. What are the other benefits that you will be getting from this kind of coccyx cushion?

They provide more comfort

Unlike the traditional cushion, they are made to last longer and also provide comfort as possible. They also do not flatten out whenever you put your weight to it thus you can retain enough elevation for your head and neck area. Instead, they mold the contours of your body thus you will be able to sleep better.

They do not heighten any injuries that you currently have

If you have a bad back or if your neck is stiff all the time, then buying a foam wedge cushion can really help you a lot. In fact, people who suffer from acid reflux, as well as bad circulation, can gain benefits from using this particular cushion. It also prevents aches and pains associated with your sleeping patterns.

They provide you professional support at a very cheap price

What is great about this cushion is that they do come in different shapes and sizes. Moreover today, you can buy them at any specialty store at a very reasonable price. This means that you can have access to professional body support at a reasonable price thus gone are the days when you wake up feeling tired and sore all over.

As many other spinal ailments, tailbone pain (medical term, coccydynia) is not as common or as serious. Still, if you suffer tailbone pain (TP) you know how miserable it is and how it affects your quality of life.

The tailbone (medical term, coccyx) is the bony structure at the end of your spinal column, at the back of your pelvis. Fused together, it consists of three to five small bones. There is, however, some limited movement between the bones owing to the attached ligaments.