How Is Screen Printing Different From Sublimation Printing

You will find it very easy to get started with the sublimation method. From easy printer setup to better results, sublimation is the technique to go with. Wait, there are other methods too! Processes like screen printing is another popular technique that gives good results.

Now, you might wonder why to use any other method when we have an easy sublimation method to go? This is because sublimation has its pros and cons similar to screen printing.

Have a look at the most common question if you are confused between sublimation and screen printing!

Supplies Needed For Sublimation And Screen Printing 

In the case of sublimation, you need a printer, sublimation ink, sublimation paper, heat resistant tape, link roller, Teflon sheet, and heat press.

On the other hand, screen printing requires screen printing with a vinyl starter kit, Cricut creator, transfer tape, painter’s tape, and heat press.

When you do custom sublimation printing and screen printing with vinyl, two main equipment pieces are required. In the case of sublimation, a sublimation printer is required to print designs while screen printing makes use of Cricut to cut the designs. However, a heat press is required for both methods.

T-Shirts Blank That Can Be Used 

When we talk about fabrics, sublimation is compatible with polyester-based material only. This is said to be a main flaw of sublimation. If you are making a t-shirt, this means that you have to use complete polyester shirts. Even the poly-cotton blend is not favorable for sublimation unless it is complete polyester.

Since the choice is of polyester fabric in sublimation, the ink will show better results on light colors. In case you choose the dark color, the ink will look dull or faded because of the dark tint in the shirt.

With screen printing, any fabric can be printed. Either choose cotton, cotton-poly blend, or much more fabric to get the process done. In this case, you can choose any of the shirt colors. While white ink needs more effort to print, you can print on dark color shirts with this technique. You can take tips for screen printing with white ink over the internet.

Difference Between The Processes Of Screen Printing And Sublimation 

With both screen printing and sublimation, you can create fascinating custom t-shirts, bags, and much other stuff from home. No need to worry about the quality, it will certainly be effective!

Describing screen printing with vinyl is a more lasting setup process as compared to typical screen printing with emulsion. Some steps that need to be followed are described here.

You will cut the design on vinyl and hemp the areas you want the ink to print. The next step would be transferring the vinyl to your screen printing frame. Line off the open screen areas where you don’t want the ink to go through. Mop the ink over the screen to get your shirts ready.

Once the printing gets done, it will take 2-3 days to dry. When it gets completely dried, you will heat set the shirt to make the ink resistant.

The sublimation printing t shirts is a more agile process though! The process starts with the printing of the design on sublimation proper. Throw off your artwork so that the design is reaching your t-shirt.

Further, heat press the design. See how quick the process is! Once the design gets pressed, the shirt is ready to wear. The process doesn’t require any drying time or additional heat pressing like screen printing.

Which Process Needs To Be Used? 

Both sublimation and screen printing get started on the computer. For sublimation, you can use Photoshop or illustrator tools to produce and size the designs.

Those who don’t have much knowledge of graphic design can create a ready-made design available on different sites. You can explore many wondrous designs to download and save the set-up time. The downloaded design can be previewed and do make sure that the design perfectly fits the t-shirt.

The screen printing process uses vinyl; the steps can be performed in Cricut Design Space. Use the set-up fonts or installed fonts to create the design. SVG files can also be uploaded.

What Heat Press Is Required?

If you have any plans for shirts or any flat items like pillowcases or bags, a heat press or easy press is required.

The options like the Sister heat press work great for sublimation. When you choose a press for sublimation, make sure that the heating area is larger than the design you are going to press.

You can’t take the risk of doing sublimation in multiple sections as it can deteriorate the design. The screen printing ink can be heated using a household iron but a heat press is still a better option. Screen printing is a good choice for multiple shirts order due to its affordability.

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