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Microsoft has been helping businesses across the globe to develop and grow for almost fifty years, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Dedicated to innovation and smart working, the company recently upgraded its popular Office 365 package and rebranded it as Microsoft 365, as it now offers more than ever before.


Driving productivity

As well as the usual software that you use for everyday tasks (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint etc), Microsoft 365 includes its extremely popular Teams platform. This upgrade was spurred on by the coronavirus pandemic, as the need for reliable digital communication suddenly applied to organisations of all shapes and sizes, many of which had never offered the option of remote working to their employees.

Rather than being a separate tool, Teams integrates seamlessly with the rest of your Microsoft apps, which makes collaborating an extremely fluidic process. Whether you’re having a one-to-one video catchup with a colleague, holding a larger videoconferencing meeting or asking a quick question through the chat feature, you can easily share, access and store files without having to open multiple apps and windows.


OneDrive gives total peace of mind

Your subscription to Microsoft 365 also comes with OneDrive as standard. This is the world’s leading cloud storage solution for businesses, as it comes with all the secure space you’ll ever need for storing documents, images, data and any type of files your employees use as part of their roles.

If you’re interested in boosting speed and efficiency across your company, OneDrive is an absolute must. It’s a fantastic resource that can be used in the workplace and also remotely through a range of devices, which facilitates home working and hybrid working models no end.


Reduce your carbon footprint

Many businesses are looking to become greener, which is where Microsoft 365 comes in useful yet again. As well as aiding efficiency, its cloud-based nature is a great way to minimise the amount of printing required by your company. This goes way beyond your usual documents, as there are additional resources that make ad hoc processes a paperless experience.

A good example is Microsoft Forms, which can be used for running online surveys that you then export directly into Excel. Whether you’re gathering ideas and feedback from employees or want to engage your customers by asking for their opinions, this tool makes it a stress-free and eco-friendly process.

What’s more, the wider Microsoft 365 package is designed with accessibility, speed and ease of use at its core, which means that your staff can get more done in less time. This equates to reduced strain on your hardware and can even result in lower energy consumption, especially when staff are given the option to work remotely through Microsoft’s secure platforms.


Powerful business continuity

Every business needs to know what it will do in the event of a disaster. Whether it’s a power cut or something even more serious, such as flood, fire or criminal damage at your commercial premises, it’s crucial that you have a clear and effective recovery plan.

Thanks to Microsoft 365 being based in its own secure cloud, your staff can continue to access their files, emails and data even if your workplace is out of commission. Storing files within the platform rather than on physical devices prevents business-critical information from being lost, plus the entire system is protected against malware, ransomware and hackers through the level of digital security you can expect from the world’s most reputable software developer.


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