How much does it cost to convert a loft to a storage?

Living in a house for several years can leave you with many belongings, including the rarely-used ones. If you’re thinking about putting away some things to create more space in your home, converting your loft into a storage room is a good idea, and it is an affordable option for creating extra space in your home.  

Some people consider loft conversion to be an expensive venture. A habitable loft conversion may be expensive, costing from £15,000 upwards. On average, converting a loft into an extra living space costs between £20,000 – £40,000 because the loft space needs safe access like stairs, windows to provide natural light, fire escape, other safety installations, and insulation fittings to pass the Building Regulation requirements. You would also need to consider the cost of changing the roof structure if you need a mansard or dormer loft conversion. 

However, a non-habitable loft, like storage, does not need these things or Building Regulation approval.  

What is a non-habitable loft conversion?

A non-habitable loft conversion is a storage room in the roof. It would have everything needed to store and access your belongings without incurring unnecessary expenses that a habitable loft would need.  

The least a storage room in the roof would need is boarding the space with the right boarding panels to create areas for storing things and easy access like a ladder. Depending on the loft’s nature, it may require other works such as fitting lighting like roof windows and raising the floor level to make the loft suitable for storage.  

Affordable loft conversion 

A Loft conversion cost for storage usually depends on the size of the loft or the part of the loft you want to convert.  

A simple loft conversion to storage with a ladder (basic retractable ladder), boarding and lighting in a 20 square metre loft may cost about £800, including VAT. If you want a more comprehensive loft conversion which involves raising the floor level to add more insulation, a deluxe concertina ladder, installing a new roof window, fitting a new hatch door, and topping the installation, in addition to basic work needed in the loft, it will cost about £2500 (plus VAT) and additional £500 for an electric ladder.

However, any insulation work would likely pay for itself in the future because you would save more money on heating. 

Your loft conversion company would have to visit your property and assess your loft to provide an accurate quote. The loft conversion specialists will also advise you on a suitable design and recommend optimising your loft conversion. Morden houses are usually easier to convert and allow more designs than the older Edwardian or Victorian properties.  

If you have many belongings that you wish to put away for a while and need extra space for them, contact Loft London now on 020 7100 5428 to get an affordable quote to convert your loft into storage. 

Our loft conversion London surveyors and expert builders will visit your home to assess your loft and inform you of the possible changes to achieve your desired storage room.

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