In Asia Sri Lanka should be your next hangout spot in 2021 – Why?

Confused which country to choose as your next travel destination which proffers some great adventure and activities that you hadn’t already tried? Then Sri Lanka should be your next travel hangout spot. The small island country fills with elephants, white sandy beaches, plenty of ancient sites, diverse culture, and amazing food make it the must-visit destination in Asia. Let us list few reasons that are enough to tempt you to visit Sri Lanka next.

  1. Wildlife Biodiversity

Being one of the top biodiverse places in the world, the country is replete with a wide range of wildlife animals. A trip to Sri Lanka with cheap flights is incomplete if you didn’t visit at least a few of its many national parks. Catch a glimpse of giant elephants, leopards, deer, mongoose, bears, monkeys, water buffalo, wild boar, peacocks, and many other stunning species in their natural habitat. Yala and Willpattu National park are must-visit places with many wildlife adventures offer to the tourists. Visiting these parks gives you a lifetime experience of watching wild animals and tropical birds, among many of them you haven’t seen before or even in other parts of the world.

  •  Perfect Place to satisfy your Adventurous Nature

Sri Lanka proffers so many adventurous activities that will make your trip audacious. From its mighty peaks to rugged terrain, free-flowing rivers to mountain gaps and daring hiking trails make it a must-visit place. Ella and Kitulgala are the most ideal spot to treat your adventurous nature.

  • Kitulgala is a little hamlet located in the central plains on the Kelani River. Beautiful white water rafting experience in Kitulgala is a must-try adventure one can try in Sri Lanka. You can also try the confidence jump, jumping into a rock pool with safety gear on.
  • Ella: There is nothing wrong if we say Ella is cream of Sri Lanka, endeavor many things to do whether climbing little Adam’s peak or walk along the rails on the Nine Arch Bridge, its endless Tea fields, or divine swimming experience at Diyaluma Falls. You can also join a cooking class at Ella Spice Garden, hike up to the top of Ella Rock and take a fresh bath at breathtaking Ravana Fall.
  • Cultural Diversity

Sri Lanka is rich both culturally and historically. The country doesn’t only have elephants but 2000 years old monasteries, ancient statues and sculptures, and stupas. If you’re a history lover then try to plan your trip from May to June so you can attend the Vesak and Poson festivals. Two of the must-visit historical sites are Anuradhapura and Mihintale that you can’t afford to miss.

  • Anuradhapura: Considered one of the most sacred destinations in the country is also declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Beautiful ancient architecture built around 380 BC is the major attracting feature for tourists. Explore the Dagoba of Thuparama, which houses the collar bone of Buddha. Tourists can also visit 300 feet high Ruwanwelisseya Dagoba one of the highest stupas of Anuradhapura.
  • Mihintale: The Monastic City of Buddhism is like a restorative place for those seeking solace. Being the preaching point of great Lord Buddha discipline “Arahath Mahinda” Mihintale is a popular place among locals and worshippers.
  • Healthy Cuisine

Sri Lankans love to eat wholesome food and that’s the reason why their cuisine is considered healthy. Include loads of spices and flavors, their major meals consist of flamboyant curries, chapatti, rice, string hoppers, kottu, delicious tropical fruits, and fresh seafood from the Indian Ocean. Some of the must-try dishes in Sri Lanka include Hoppers (Sri Lankan version of pancakes), Vegetable Roti, Coconut Sambol,  BBQ Seafood, Parippu (Dhal Curry), Wambatu Moju and Lamprai.

  • Adventure Water Sports

Sri Lanka has more than 1,600 km of the coast made it an ideal spot for water-skiing, wind-surfing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, banana-boating, and speed-boating. With more than 100 rivers Srilanka offers year-round adventures. The best water sport spots are on the west coast and the Negombo region. You can take a scuba diving lesson while observing the enchanting marine life from very near, spot dolphins, or swim past shipwrecks there is simply so much to enjoy.

  • Magnificent Beaches

Srilankan beaches are the new most loveable beach gateways in Asia. Ideal for couples as romantic beaches can easily set the mood especially the Induruwa Beach and Bentota Beach. Soak in the sun or enjoy the fun activities with your significant other, you will save some of the most precious moments here. Walk hands in hand on the white sands of Induruwa beach or enjoy the stay at lavish holiday resorts on Bentota beach, the beauty of Srilankan beaches never disappoints you. And the best part is, you can enjoy the same charm all year round.

  • Remains of Stone Age

Srilanka is also known as the land of the first human being. The Adam peak is probably the place where Adam land after confiscation from the Garden of Eve. This is not the only amazing thing but visiting the Veddas takes you to another level of amazement when you see the people of the forest perfectly resemble the people of the Stone Age. These people belong to the hunter tribe and not update or modernize their lives even a bit. The best place to observe the remains of the Stone Age is the Village of Dambana.

  • Explore Caves

A highly captivating activity of exploring caves is rather new but allures more and more tourists.

  • Sigiriya is one of the most visited places in the country, an ideal place for history lovers. When in Sri Lanka visiting this majestic world heritage site is a must. In order to experience the panoramic view climbs the Lion Rock.
  •  Ritigala Mountain Range: you can find many amazing caves from the northern Ritigala Mountains to hills in the Central area to Hillocks in the southern land.
  • Batatotalena: The caves of Batatotalena are truly fascinating where you can see uncovered skeleton remains of a prehistoric man.
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  • Tea fields

Sri Lanka is world-wide famous for its tea plantation, started in 1866 by James Taylor, a Scottish planter. Almost every high elevated town in Sri Lanka is covered with premium quality tea starting from Hatton, Dickoya, and Bogawanthalawa to Nuwara Eliya.

  1. Yoga

If you’re a fitness freak or yoga is your thing then rejoice as Sri Lanka is the perfect place to deepen your yoga along with a plethora of yoga retreats. You can join one of the dozens of yoga studios in the country. The best one is Talalla Retreat on the south coast and Rukgala Retreat near Kandy located in the Cultural Triangle. Nature plus yoga is a combination that is hard to beat and Sri Lanka is offering you both simultaneously!

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