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Winter is the most enjoyable season which offers the snow capped valleys, most recharging sunlight, the icy lakes,and trees covered by the snow. All these offer the heartwarming nature best in winter. It’s really a charming experience to hit your friend with a snowball,compete in ice skating,and enjoy the snow covered beautiful places. If you are the winter lover,then plan for the Top 5 winter season treks for upcoming winters. All the winter treks are awaiting for you with their best snow covered mountains.

1.Brahmatal trek

Brahmatal trek is one of the top 5 winter season treks. Brahmatal trek stands at an elevation of 12,600 feet. The campaign will be provided with stunning glacial lakes under countless stars. More than this what we need in our lifetime. Plan for the best trekking experience. The overall charge for Booking the trek campaign is 10,550/-. The level of difficulty is suggested as easy. The overall trekking period it consumes is 5 days. It is in the region of Lohajung, Uttarakhand. You’ll get a chance to glance over the peaks also like Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, Chowkhamba, Nilkanth, Kamet, Hathi, and Ghoda peaks

2.Goecha La trek

Goecha La trek is one of the top 5 winter season treks which is pinned in the state of Sikkim. Trekking in the North especially during winters will blow our wishful dreams. Goecha La trek offers it’s best in beholding the snow capped mountains,dark green forests, bonfire campsites etc. It is the best trek which offers a chance to experience flora and fauna in various species. The best eye-catching scenic beauties are offered. It consumes an overall period of 9 days. The trekking tour pack costs 18,750/-. The level of difficulty it offers is moderate range. Goecha La trek stands at an elevation of 16,207 ft. It is in the region of Yuksom, Sikkim. You will capture peaks like Mt. Pandim and the entire Kanchenjunga range.

  1. Chadar trek

Ladakh’s Chadar Trek is not like the Himalayan Trek. The experience of walking over a thick, frozen glass-like river with spectacular mountains on both sides. At only 11150 ft above sea level Chadar Trek feels nearly like an expedition to the North Pole, where night-time temperatures fall to -30 degrees Celsius, rations are carried on sleds, and shelter in caves and life-breath is made by survival instincts. It’s a great journey before you die. The Chadar hike will allow you, via the locals you meet and through their kindness, to learn about Jankari culture.It is a unique tour on the surface of a frozen river. This excursion is unique. There are other trekking tours of India across hills and mountains, passes and caves, ancient forts and valleys, but that winds on the Zanskar River Road. You will step over where the ice is thick enough. Where ice is too thin for guidance, you will walk on the frozen banks of the river.

  1. Kedarkantha trek

Kedarkantha Trek is a mountain range which is located in Uttarakhand. It is bagging the maximum elevation of 17,500 feet. The difficulty level of this trek is measured as easy to moderate. It is inviting its tourists all over the year except during monsoon. The kedarkantha Trek base camp is one of the best panoramic views offering trek. With these it is attracting a lot of tourists especially during summers. It is helping the trekkers to improve their trekking skills with the 12,500 feet altitude at an easy to moderate level. This trekking campaign initially starts from the Sankri and ends at Shepherd Camp. Although it won’t require experience in trekking you can’t be tired out at the halfway camp of 6 days. Photographers can gain fame for their talents with the Juda-ka-talab pond lake. You can rest well at night at base camp and ahead to Sankri next morning. The trails and practices are suggested because of the Sankri although it is 20 kms overwhelmed with toughest conditions from there. However Kedarkantha is offering a good opportunity for beginner level trekkers in summer.

  1. Har ki doon

The Har Ki Doon Valley trek is pinned in Uttarakhand. It is bagging the maximum elevation of 11,675 feet. It has a cradle shaped hanging valley. This is one of the best choosable treks to experience the real trekking enjoyments especially during summers. The valley stands for its beauty and adventures. It is also bagging the history that Pandavas eneouted all the routes over here and made their way to reach heaven. The 47 km trek requires a trial period of 7 days. Orchids and rhododendrons bloom and the meadows are showering their beauty all over the trekking route. The trail ends at the Har Ki Doon Valley trek and later moves to the Sankri spot.

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