Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Penetration Testing Provider

The business scene these days have been changed a lot. Several traditional and new brands and businesses are now looking for ways to have more exposure and this is why they are now going to start working online. Though this has given businesses an edge, there is a huge problem related to it as well, which is the cyber attacks or data breaches which is a major problem for business. To have secure information and a cybersecurity system, organizing the Penetration Test is important. This will help you to understand how well your security system is working and for this purpose, you will need to hire Penetration Testing Provider who knows their business efficiently. You cannot employ any Penetration Testing Services for this purpose. When you are going to hire one, the following question should be asked to know them better.


How Do You Hire Pen Testers?

All the Penetration Testing Services have their team of experts that will work for the company to make sure that their methodology is favoring the company by letting them know about the system vulnerabilities and any flaws that can be exploited. However, Pentesting is a sensitive job because even if they are professionals, they are strangers to your company’s information and security system. Ask them about the criteria for hiring Penetration Testing experts. How do they perform a background check before hiring them? Knowing this will help you to understand the professionalism of the pen testing company and even more about their staff that if they are trustworthy or not.

Automated Vs. Manual Testing Efforts, Can You Breakdown The Tools?

Typical Penetration Test can e did either manually or by using automatic tools. However, based on the requirements of your organization, it is compulsory to find the balance between automatic or manual scanning. Their answer regarding the tools they are going to use should let you know about the company’s methodology and their vulnerability management tools. Keep in mind to focus on the business system vulnerabilities and manual testing which is compulsory for any type of Penetration Testing.

Is Your Team Updated Regarding Your Software And Technical Skills?

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects that every organization should have in mind while looking for a pen testing company. Ask them about how do they analyze or assess that how much they are updated regarding their pen testing techniques. their answer will let you understand that how much the pen testing company gives value to keeping their knowledge and methodologies updated and continue educating their employees.

As the information systems are being updated, the need of having the quality and updated pentest is even more crucial to fight against the latest DDoS or brute force attacks. If they aren’t updated or don’t sound too updated, then consider looking for a new company such as Vumetric where you can have the latest methodologies regarding Penetration Test by the experts who know how to complete their job efficiently.

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