Room Divider For Living Room You’ll Love 2022

There are many types of room dividers available for your living room. Here are a few of our favorites: the Ida Screen from West Elm, the Ore International 3-Panel Room Divider, the Bay Isle Home Lapierre Room Divider, and the Roundhill Furniture shoji screen. Read on to find out more about each one and how to buy one that fits your space.

Rynem Room Divider Panel (4) for living room

If you’re looking for a room divider that’s rustic, you’ve come to the right place. Rynem Room Divider Panel (4) for living room antique-white paint on a rustic wooden frame with burlap fabric on faux window panes. The result is a screen that’s as functional as it is stylish. Whether you need privacy for guests or are separating the space for personal purposes, this room divider is a fantastic option.

Alotr Room Divider Panel (4) for living room

The Alotr Room Divider Panel (4) for living room is a simple yet functional piece that can fit in perfectly with any living room design. This versatile piece is available in three neutral colors and is under six feet tall. Made of wood, it features three panels that are connected by brass hinges. It measures about 70 inches in length. It also is budget-friendly, weighing just 11 pounds.


Made of solid wood, this room divider is sure to last for many years to come. It is free of formaldehyde, paint, and glue, and arrives fully assembled. Home dividers have been around since at least 2000 BC and are a great way to divide a room while maintaining privacy and usability. In fact, they were first used in China as a means to organize private quarters.


Designed to complement any modern, open-plan living space, this divider is available in a wide range of neutral colors. The geometric cutouts and black wood make this a statement piece in a living room or a bedroom. The sleek design complements any room ensemble, and the black wood is easy on the eyes. If you’re looking to add some character to your room, this versatile divider will look great in any room.


Adding a contemporary accent to your living room is easy with the Ore International 3-Panel Room Separator for living room you’ll love 2022. With its chip-themed pattern and sturdy wood frame, this stylish room divider brings a fresh, modern touch to any home. It’s also lightweight and easy to move. When not in use, this divider can be folded and stored for easy access.

Kemri Mango wood Room Divider Panel (4)

The Kemri Mango wood Room Divider Panel (4)is a popular feature of this stylish divider. The bamboo-woven room divider is held in place with two vertical tension rods. It measures 68 inches tall by 38 inches wide. Its support rods extend to 120 inches. This room divider is perfect for a small home office, a dorm, or a family room.

Coshr Wooden Room Divider Panel (4)

If you’re looking for a unique room divider, consider the oriental style of the Coshr Wooden Room Divider Panel (4). The design of this screen incorporates a wooden frame with an intricate grid overlay on each panel. A sturdy wood frame and multiple finish options make it easy to pair with your existing decor. This screen will provide privacy as well as visual depth to your room.


The partition-style design of this Screen allows you to create privacy and define spaces while creating an elegant display. Made from natural sandstone, this screen is made of durable reclaimed wood and features a two-way hinge for easy folding and placement. A unique and beautiful addition to your room, the Shoji screen will add a stylish accent to your decor. If you’re looking for a stylish screen to divide a larger room, consider the Necites Mango Wood Wooden Partition Leaves Designfor living room you’ll love 2022.

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