Structure and Key Notes to Write Short Essay

Essay writing is something that every student must have written at some point in time. Whether it’s a school, college, or higher studies, students will get essays to check their writing ability and thinking ability. As it helps in improving the overall marks of the students, no one can ignore the essay writing tasks. 

But, some students who do not have proper knowledge of writing essays might face some trouble writing them. Essay writing is important for every academic success at different levels level. For making the essay a perfect one, students need to focus on its structuring. There’s a proper way of writing an essay that can help you to fetch better grades. Unfortunately, the majority of the students fail to write a perfect essay which leads to marks deduction.

While writing the essay, you need to have a proper understanding of its structure. This means how to categorize each section and what all to include in it. Here is the guide that will let you know how to start writing an essay with proper structuring.

Understanding an essay

First of all, you need to consider what essay writing is supposed to be? Well, the essay is like a formal argument or an idea which you need to support by giving some examples. Every essay will have three main parts that include

  • Introductory paragraph
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

Apart from this, reference is also important in your essay as it helps in gathering the sources from where you’ve collected the information. Writing references in the essay is also beneficial for making it an original one.

The opening paragraph

The introductory or opening paragraph is one where the essay starts. When you are writing an essay, you need to give proper focus on every section and paragraph. Each section has its own importance that helps in composing a compelling essay on any topic. But, you need to take extra care of the introduction part to make it impressive. 

Your opening paragraph will decide how much effort you have put in your writing. Most of the professors will get an idea through this section about the quality of the writing. The introduction section should always be strong and exciting that can catch the reader’s eye.

When writing the essay, you need to set out an aim of including all those things that are related to the topic. It should describe the main objective of the topic in the simplest form. The whole idea should be giving an overview of what readers will; get in the main content. Consider these points while writing the introduction of the essay-

  • Mention those sentences or statements that make the topic engaging to read.
  • Try to start with some questions related to the topic
  • Integrate some important definitions into your text.
  • Tell readers what this essay is going to be.

The main body of the essay

The next section following the introduction part is the main body, where you’ll get to see all the essential things. Thus, students need to be a bit careful while writing this section. The body of the essay always needs to be structured into short and appropriate paragraphs. 

Your first aim should be keeping the language simple and easy to understand by anyone. Make sure to write each paragraph with a different aspect, but it should be connected with the provided topic. The context of the main body should be relevant to the topic. 

There are many ways to strengthen this section, such as critical data, graphs. factual evidence and examples. For many students, writing the main body of the essay might be challenging. Essay help in Canada from experts and experienced people can assist the students in composing a perfect essay. 

In the main body, you need to check that every paragraph is ended well and is related to the previous one. This helps in making a proper connection in the essay so that reader can find it easy to read. For every new idea, you must start a new paragraph to avoid long paragraphs that would be difficult to read.

End of the essay- Conclusion

Now the final section of any essay is the conclusion part. In general, this section will give an insight to the readers about the main content. It should be a single paragraph that will summarize the entire essay. It would help if you never skipped adding a conclusion in the essay, as every well-structured essay needs to end well.  Whatever you have mentioned in the essay will be summarized by the conclusion. You can also draw a final decision about the claims or issues that you have written in the essay. 

With these easy steps, writing an essay is a smooth and streamlined process.

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