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Remote work is the work that is performed by employees away from the office premises; similarly, remote employees are the employees that work from home or any other place which is away from office premises. Over time, there has been an unprecedented surge in the number of employees that have been working from home. The new business norm has led the managers to be extra vigilant towards remote employees by using tools that perform various tasks, such as tracking time & milestones and calculating employee online and offline time while working on the tasks assigned. 


Check out the benefits and challenges of employee’s remote work.

The top convenience factors of remote employee work are:

  1. Freedom and Flexibility: Remote workers love the freedom with which they can work and go ahead with the assignment. For example, at the office, employees have to follow a fixed pattern of methods and techniques to complete a project, but at home, they can work without taking permission from the boss or follow the prescribed code. Freedom and flexibility give employees the much-needed feeling of satisfaction.

  2. Better Work-Life Balance: Often employees cross the line of balance that is drawn between work and home. The employees’ social life and family time tend to suffer by getting too engrossed in the work. But working remotely, employees are able to spend more time with their families, which ultimately has led to maintaining an enhanced balance between work and personal life. This keeps employees motivated and focused.

  3. Comfortable and Personalized Environment: For a change, employees can work from anywhere as long as they are working on a networked device. Rather than working in some cubicle, employees can customize and personalize their workspace, workstation, desk, chair, etc., which can result in greater output and efficiency. 

  4. No Commuting Stress: It can take up to hours for employees to commute between home and office in metropolitan cities. By working remotely, employees can save the trouble caused by daily commuting and manage their schedules efficiently. Apart from saving time, employees also save on the money that they spend on traveling. It can keep employees’ mental health and life satisfaction levels afloat.

  5. Reduction in Absenteeism: Businesses can drastically reduce employee absenteeism by allowing their employees to work from home. For instance, if an employee is feeling under the weather or has had a long night and is unable to come to the office can work remotely to complete the assigned tasks. Even employees benefit from the relaxation as they will have to take lesser off days from office.

The major roadblocks of employee remote work are:

  1. Miscommunication: One of the prime reasons why companies with remote work do not exceed is the lack of coordination between local teams & remote teams and the communication barriers that exist in the paradigm. An effective remote employee monitoring software eliminates the semantic barriers by offering options like chat, call, video call, file sharing platforms, and so much more. It helps remote workers and local staff be on the same page.

  2. Difficult Project Management: Project managers can find it highly inconvenient to manage, monitor, and track progress or different project status with remote employees. Effective project management tools enable managers to manage their core workflows with the help of SaaS applications and ensure that the assignments are completed before the due date. The software also generally maintains a record of all the critical activities in the user account that can be used for different purposes in the future.

  3. Performance Review: It can be a nightmare for managers to review performance of employees that work remotely. Any error in the process can lead managers to promote the wrong person for the job, which can make the business suffer in the long-run. Competitive performance review software and tools help businesses to evaluate and judge employee performance on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis. The modern tools involve recording of feedback, goals, and skills while reviewing performance. By having the right person for the right role, the business can enhance its workplace productivity.

  4. Data and Progress Saving: Instructions delivered, work done, what next? It is vital to store the project progress safely to prevent data leakage and other threats. Let’s say the local team made changes to your document, but you have already saved the document in the told folder; all this can be a huge mess. To avoid this, remote employee monitoring software’s internet-based cloud enables users to share documents with local and remote teams. The tools also promote the advanced organization of files, allowing managers to know when the file was last edited and when it was completed.

  5. Tough Employee Monitoring: It is quite normal for managers to face a dilemma of monitoring remote employees. Managers might fear that employees are distracted, or are non-serious towards the assignment, and whatnot. To keep this under check, remote employee monitoring software offers tools like time tracking, screenshot tracking, event management, etc., which enable the management to get a crystal picture of employees and their sense of devotion towards the assigned task. Also, it motivates employees to perform better, knowing that the managers are continuously monitoring the work progress. 



It is safe to assume that remote work culture is here to stay and has numerous benefits to offer to both employees and businesses. By allowing employees to work from home, companies can save fixed and variable charges like office rent, electricity bills, stationary charges, office hardware costs, and so much more. Basically, remote work is like a win-win situation. But it is important to invest in the right set of tools for optimal results.

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