The Best Computer Monitoring Software to Limit Your Child’s Late-Night Sittings

Excessive screen time results in weak eyesight, blurred vision, and other optometry problems. Emission of blue light through screen causes disturbance in circadian rhythms at night. Also sitting for a long period can lead to major health problems. Computer vision syndrome is a collective term used for several eye-related problems caused by using computers more than the recommended time.

  • 19 million children are suffering from vision problems all over the world.

For parents, this is a really serious concern. There should be a way to limit the screen time of children because they are at a growing age and any eye-related problem can lead to serious consequences.

OgyMogy brings a bundle of superb features that help parents to monitor their kids with great ease. With the help of this amazing software, you will be able to keep a proper check on your kid’s computer and can limit their screen time, because overuse of everything is toxic for them. Every time your kid is spending late-night time on their laptops, you will be notified about it and you can act accordingly. Some features that will help you to spy on your child and are given in detail below.

  1. Surveillance Of Social Media Apps

Parents can do proper surveillance of their kid’s computers with the help of this outstanding software. They can check all the social media websites their kids are using and can lessen the time of usage through this. Any type of vulgar activity can be seen on the spot and actions can be taken accordingly. Messages and conversations on different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp can be checked by the parents without letting their kids know.

  1. Read All Messages Received On Different Platforms

Any suspicious messages by a stranger or a harasser can be sorted easily and your child will be safe from further danger. Maybe your child is getting blackmailed by an unknown person. Dont let them share their nude pictures with them as it can be embarrassing later on. This situation can be avoided if you already know the whole scenario and have a monitoring eye on their online activities.

  1. You Can Create a Backup of Their Data Now

A backup of all their data can be created very easily. OgyMogy best computer monitoring software for parents can provide all the list of things your child uses on their device. You can have the backup of text messages, calls through any social media platform, notifications, and much more. All the data is saved on the web portal and the user has remote access to it.

  1. Block Inappropriate Sites On Their Desktop/Laptop

Teens are still in their immature phase of life. They can be distracted very easily from the right path. But you should be there at the right time to stop them. Many kids become addicted to watching stuff on porn sites that are prohibited. You can stop them from watching such kind of vulgar stuff by using spy apps. Other kids spend too much time watching cartoons, movies, and TV shows that results in a waste of time. You can block those websites which you think are not good for the well-being of your child.

  1. Limit The Time Of Gaming

Most of the children find it comfortable to play games all the time on their computers. They even utilize their study time in playing different types of live games that not only waste their time but also money. Many online games require money for the subscription process and maybe your child is spending too much on them. So, you can stop them by creating a proper timetable in which they can play freely.

  1. Get Real-Time Reports

You can get all the reports of their laptops in real-time and date. When they will use the device, you will be notified about the exact time and date. This way you can estimate the total time they spend on their gadget. Too much screen time will be noted and reported to the user time and in this way, they can take action.

Your kid is your responsibility and you have to look after them no matter whatever the situation is, and OgyMogy is here to remove all your worries with its excellent features.

Author: mayank

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