The Digital Business Cards Are Great and Here Is Why!

In this era of tech and innovations now people from the business world and marketers tend to look at innovative ways to interact with their potential clients and customers. However, we can all agree on the fact that nothing can beat the effectiveness of business cards. While the traditional paper business card comes with elements like name, business address, website, and email address there is nothing else or innovative about them that we can call interesting. On the other hand when we talk about digital business cards then they are the ones that can impress the clients and with too many options to add with the best business card app to design with, digital cards have to be one of the best options to choose from and here is what you need to about the future of the traditional paper business card.

Why They Are Unique?

The digital business cards are designed in a way that will impress most of the clients you will meet. With the help of space, logo, image, color, and typeface you can come up with the most innovative design that speaks for itself. With these elements implemented, it is easier to make the desired impact. The impression will last longer on the clients, unlike the paper counterparts where it will be forgotten once they are placed in the wallet of the client. Not only just that, but these Virtual business cards can also create a great impression about the business or brand. The paper cards on the other hand require experienced designers to come up with a unique and eye-catchy design but with the digital business card online, you will not have to worry about the design as there will already be ready-made high-quality templates that one can use to design their desired cards making the digital business cards great.

Why they are the Future?

Unlike the traditional paper cards, several reasons show why digital business cards online are the future of business cards.

Quickly Grab Attention

When it comes to gaining attention by the potential clients then both paper business cards and Virtual business cards both can do their job great but the paper cards are highly dependable on the quality of design, the paper style, and the overall art work but the Digital business card can single-handedly gain attention from the potential clients even with their minimal design. When you will bring your mobile device and share your business card via QR code, email, or even text message then it will grab the attention of the visitors without a doubt.

Easily Stand Out Among the Crowd

Even with too much convenience, not a huge number of professionals are using digital visiting cards and this is your chance to stand out among the crowd of other professionals. Just imagine yourself in a corporate event where you have gained attention from several future clients or customers but just when they want to reach you, you took your paper card out and shared it with them. Don’t expect too many follow ship with the conventional paper cards, you can appear different with the help of digital business cards with the best business card app. You can make your business look different from other professionals without a hitch.

An Eco-friendly Product

Let’s just say that you have a hefty budget for paper business cards. You hired a professional graphic artist; you have chosen the best quality paper and press to get your paper business cards. This may look normal till you know that your card will be lost, forgotten, or will never be found when they want to contact you. You will also be surprised to know that almost 80 percent of the paper business cards are discarded by those who get them and let’s not forget the trees and water to create the paper. This is an utter waste of time and resources for a product that will never be used again. When we talk about online digital visiting cards then they are eco-friendly as no tree was cut to get the digital cards making them a great eco-friendly option to connect with others that can be used to their full potential.

Easy Customization

Paper cards are designed with the help of a graphic designer and because you don’t know about using the tools to create the designs, you cannot customize the design or change the content and not only just that if you found a mistake in the middle of production then you are forced to get them printed once again and that too at a further cost. On the other hand, the best business card scanner apps such as ShareEcard will let you design your own card and customize it at any point. You will not have to worry about the overall design and content customization at all.


As mentioned earlier that you will need to set your budget to get your paper business card printed. You will need designer, press, and carefully written content and this can increase the overall cost of printing that a startup may find it hard to compete. On the other hand, the best business card app will let you design your digital business card, and that too at a very little cost. You will have access to several different templates to choose from and you can create a single card and share it hundreds or even thousands of times without any restriction without paying a little dime extra making Electronic business cards a greater option not only for startups but for the business having a tight budget as well.

Bottom Line

Businesses need to have as many contacts as is possible for them but without a proper channel, it is impossible to get the task done. While traditional paper cards are known to be convenient it is the digital cards that have an upper hand to make an impression on clients. Using the best business card scanner app such as one from ShareEcard will let you design your digital card with your desired content and can be shared through messages, QR codes, or email. Try now for a new experience.

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