The Mystery Of Mata Baglamukhi

Baglamukhi – Hypnotic power of Shakti

Goddess Baglamukhi is the eighth Dus Mahavidya, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Goddesses teaching top ten mystic lessons. Each of the forms of Dus Mahavidya, the Divine form of Shakti are associated with mystic lessons. The spiritual lesson of Goddess Baglamukhi is to control the tongue to attain success in any realm. She is worshipped for learning Shabda Brahma – perfect communication skill and Vakk Siddhi – the power of clear thoughts and speech. She is known as Pitambari, due to Her yellowish gold-like complexion. Her name is derived from the Sanskrit word Valga, which means bridle Bagala being distorted of this word and Mukha which means face. So, Her name means the one, whose face carries the hypnotic power to control. The hypnotic power implies a superior hypnotic power of a high level of spiritual knowledge granted by Her which breaks the exterior mesmerism of appearance or false identity and also gives the power to influence and immobilize the enemies through the power of communication. With Her blessings, a speaker gets the power to communicate assertively and with right impact and authority.

Legend of the Goddess

The appearance of Goddess Baglamukhi is associated with a legend about the demon Madan who had acquired a boon after penance. As per the boon, whatever he said would come true. However, demon Madan used the boon to trouble the innocent. All Devta (Gods) prayed to Goddess Adi Shakti for resolution and protection. Goddess appeared in the form of Baglamukhi Devi and immobilised demon Madan by grabbing his tongue and slayed him by striking with a club as his power resided in the tongue.

The mystery behind the iconography of Goddess Baglamukhi

The renowned iconography of Goddess is associated with the legend of the demon Madan. Goddess Bagalamukhi is depicted as having a gold-like complexion and an adorning yellow sari. Yellow symbolises the radiant, purifying and bright power of spiritual knowledge, which helps remove the darkness of ignorance. This is the reason while worshipping Her, devotees are directed to wear yellow clothes, adorn mala made of yellow turmeric beads or hakek mala and also offer yellow colour items. The left hand of the Goddess is seen pulling the tongue of the demon. The tongue is symbolic of the power of speech which needs to be under control. Control of tongue implies the ability to control one’s own energies and thoughts which in turn influence our course of action and destiny. The pulling of the tongue is signified in correcting the impurities of speech or words used. Her right hand is holding a club positioned to strike the tongue. The weapon She holds in Her hand signifies Her power to crush the misconception, delusions, negativity, conflict, attachment and confusion of sadhak/worshipper through spiritual knowledge. It also signifies Her power to turn any action or aspect into the opposite like speech into silence and defeat into victory.

How The Grace of Goddess Baglamukhi Can Be Received
The boundless grace of Goddess Baglamukhi can be received through Bagalamukhi Sadhana. It can be done by performing a simple Baglamukhi Puja for a time period of 11 to 33 days by following these procedures:
⦁ The Baglamukhi Pooja Sadhana needs to begin from a Shukla Paksha, the fortnight between and new Moon and full Moon day
⦁ The ideal time to begin this Sadhana is 9 pm to 4 am
⦁ Wear yellow-coloured clothes and use only a new yellow coloured Hakeek mala or turmeric beads mala for chanting Her mantras
⦁ Use an asan which is of yellow colour or spread a yellow colour cloth above the asan
⦁ Begin the puja by lighting a lamp using ghee and cotton wick and light a dhoop or incense sticks
⦁ Place the photo of your Guru and offer salutations to Guru and offer prayers to Him/Her
⦁ Do 11 rotations of mala for each Goddess Baglamukhi Mool mantra followed by Baglamukhi Laghu mantra and Dhumavati Samputit Mantra
⦁ If you want to do simple Sadhana then only chant the Mool Mantra
⦁ After the completion of Sadhana invite 11 Kanya (girls who have not hit puberty) and offer them yellow coloured food items like Dal Khichdi, Kadi Chawal or Dal and rice
⦁ During the Sadhana time, partake only one-time meal
⦁ The Sadhana must be done at the same place throughout the Sadhana time. It must be done at your home (own or rented) but not at someone’s residence

Baglamukhi Mool Mantra
Om Hrim Baglamukhi Sarvadustanaam Vaacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jihvaam Kilay Budheem Vinashay Hreem Phat
Oh, Divine Mother Baglamukhi, I take refuge in thee. Let the speech, feet, and organs of my enemy be silenced and let his/her intelligence be disabled so that he does not move further to harm me.
Baglamukhi Laghu Mantra
Om Hrim Baglamukhi Hrem Phat

Dhumavati Samputith Baglamukhi Mantra


Om Hreem Dhum Dhum Dhumavatyey Hrem Phat
Worship of Goddess Baglamukhi helps attain success in the competitive examination, victory in lawsuits of court cases and helps defeat the enemies. The worshipper is protected from ill-intentions of enemies and negative energies. He/she is blessed with word power which is very effective and helps attain the purpose of destiny. All his problems get resolved relating to business, finance, profession and legal matters. She also helps remove the fear of enemies and enhances confidence to face and overcome the challenges of life.

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