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Storage is always a concern when you buy a home. Sometimes you need a little more space, but lack of funds keep you from doing so. Most people invest in home improvement after they have set aside some money for it. 

Most of the time, the money is invested in creating more space in the pantry. This is the busiest space where you keep food, crockery and cutlery. Pantries can be frustrating spots because you have to keep all things jammed. 

Most of the items belong in the kitchen, and you cannot keep them outside anywhere. This is why it is crucial to organize your pantry space. 

Tips to maximize space for your pantry

Here are the tips you can use to maximize space for your pantry:

  • Add shelves

Adding shelves is the best option to create more space for your pantry. If you have a lot of room between shelves, you can add some more, leaving enough space between them, so you can easily keep containers. The space in your pantry will double by adding shelves. The ultimate purpose is to make the most of space. 

  • Use the space of the door

Another way to create more space in your pantry is to utilize the door. You can mount shelves on the door or hangs racks. This is the best way to utilise the space to store as many things as possible. If you do not have enough space to mount baskets and add shelves to the door, you can use hooks. 

You can hang any items, especially seasoning packets, popcorn packets, spice sashes, and the like. However, make sure that you do not have any problems in closing the door. There are many ways to store things on the door. It depends on your needs what suits you most.

  • Add a roll-out shelf

Adding roll-out shelves will be the best way to create tremendous space in your pantry. The space will double, and you can accommodate almost everything without any effort. 

The best part of these types of shelves is creating the space on the side of cabinet doors. It can give you extra shelves on either side, which allows you to keep extra things. 

You can swing these shelves when you have to pull something out. Therefore, such a kind of shelves system does not allow you to create more space but allows you to keep more things within the available space.

  • Include hanging storage baskets

Your pantry must have a couple of shelves on which you keep containers and jars. Of course, there will not be much space between shelves, but there must be horizontal space under the last shelf. You can utilize that space by using hanging storage baskets. 

All you have to do is hang them under the last shelf, and you can keep many things in them. You can use the shelf to keep containers and jars on top of it, and you can use that shelf to hang the storage basket. This is the perfect way to create additional space for storage in your pantry. 

  • Stack wire baskets

Stack wire baskets are another good way to increase the storage in your pantry. You do not need to dig into your shelves and cabinets every time you need something. 

These baskets are stacked, so they will not need additional space. You can pour them every small item you need in your kitchen. You can put everything from spices sashes to popcorn packets. These stack wire baskets will utilize vertical space. 

One of the most significant issues with pantry storage is that people fail to utilize the horizontal and vertical space. You cannot just fill the space with shelves and cabinets. 

To utilize the horizontal space, you will need hanging storage baskets, and to utilize the vertical space, you will need stack wire baskets. 

  • Use slim compact drawers

Since your pantry does not have much space, you need to be creative to ensure that you can make the most of the space. Using slim, compact drawers is just like adding more shelves in the cabinets to utilize the horizontal space. 

Sleek designs are a perfect choice for small pantries. They can help you utilize the maximum space. The best part of these slim, compact drawers is that you can install baskets and shelves on the sides. You can even slide them into tight spaces. 

If you use ordinary compact drawers, they will likely use more space than slim, compact drawers. Using basket-shaped drawers will be more comfortable to use in the pantry, especially if you have a fear of having things fallen off behind the racks. 

The slim, compact drawer can be slightly expensive. Whether you buy them readymade or hire a carpenter to get a customized one, you should try to stash away a budget. If your savings fall short, you can take out a 12 month loan with bad credit and no guarantor

  • Rolling utility cart

You should use a rolling utility cart to keep some grocery items that you cannot keep in cabinets. If you want to make the most of your pantry space, you will have to be organized. 

The use of a rolling utility cart is the best thing to keep all those things you cannot keep anywhere because of lack of space. 

You can take it here and there, so you do not have to think about the best place in your pantry to fix it. 

The bottom line

If you are looking to create more space in the pantry, you should think of ways how you can make it organised. You will have to utilise every given space, and for that, you should use the tips mentioned above.

Of course, it will require some money. It is good if you have set aside. However, if you fall short of your savings, you can take out door to door loans

It can be pretty challenging to create more space in your pantry or organise the space you have, but with these tips, you can make it happen.

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