Tooth (Dental) Abscess: An Overview

Dental or tooth abscess is the main culprit which forces a person to look for emergency dentist near me online to seek immediate treatment. Otherwise, the infection will start creating major repercussions on both overall and oral health.

Knowing the warning signs and symptoms of this infection can protect you from long-term and severe oral issues. Read on to know about dental abscess in much detailed manner and how dentist address the issue and improve your oral health.  

What is dental abscess?

Dental abscess is always a major and painful emergency dentistry. It refers to the bacterial infection which causes production of pus-filled blisters accompanied by swelling and pain. It needs immediate treatment because of the location of its occurrence. Often, it tends to develop around or into the tooth’s root containing nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels. Also it can develop between tooth and gums.

Any sort of advanced dental damage or decay can end up with dental abscess. Mostly, it occurs from broken or chipped tooth where the infection emerges. It wears down the enamel and enables the bacteria to make down their way into the tooth or to untreated underlying cavity. Abscess is also formed from untreated and long-term gum (periodontal) disease.

The advanced level of the oral condition is termed as periodontitis. If the infection becomes serious and major it spreads to bones in jaw from where the tooth gets support from its root leading to tooth loss and spreading of infection all over the body.

Symptoms and warning signs of dental abscess

Treatment should be sought after for tooth abscess as quick as possible for prevention the spreading of the infection. Potential warning signs indicating you that dental abscess is about to develop are mentioned below:

  • Fever
  • Serious tooth pain or ache with pale pressure associated with sharp pain, throbbing and aching
  • Pain during chewing or normal
  • Swelling and redness in gums
  • Jaw swelling during advanced infections
  • Bad breath
  • Teeth sensitivity because of change in temperature- cold or hot
  • Open and draining sore develops in gums resulting in bitter taste of the mouth

Available options to treat tooth abscess

Tooth abscess treatment is customisable as per the specific requirements of the patients. However, in most cases when you visit a clinic found using ‘emergency dental care near me’ online, you can expect the one or a combination of below-mentioned treatments:

  • Draining of abscess

Draining of the infection is probably the ideal way for treating an infected or abscessed tooth. For that a small incision is made for letting pus drained out. Even irrigating, debriding or washing of the infection site using saline is highly recommended by the dentist. However, debridement is the procedure of removing necrotic or dead tissues which never heal again.

  • Antibiotic therapy

Abscess draining is not possible every time. Severe infection neutralises the local anaesthetic effect and so numbing the site becomes difficult. Basically numbing becomes troublesome for lower infected molars if the condition is quite serious. So at that time, appropriate antibiotic must be given to the patients for lessening the intensity of the infection. Gradually, as the tenacity lowers, administering local anaesthetic will be comfortable, easy and effective!

  • Root canal

It refers to a particular dental procedure in which vein, arteries and nerves will be removed from core of tooth’s root. Root canal eliminates the infection by draining the abscess in an affected tooth. Once, it recovers, restoration of tooth is done by using a crown enhancing its strength and perseverance

  • Tooth extraction

If it is impossible to survive your infected tooth, extraction is done for draining the abscess and promotes the healing.

  • Hospitalisation

Despite of having antibiotic therapy, if fever and swelling don’t subside patient must be hospitalised. At that time, the specific hospital authority will contact an oral surgeon having hospital privileges to deal with the case. General physician and other medical staffs will also advocate your overall health condition from time-to-time ensuring your best of care.

At that time, you will not be allowed to spend numerous hours at the ER seeking for admission or get treated by inexperienced physicians and let you go!

Is dental abscess a dental emergency?

Of course, it is a matter of emergency dentistry where you need immediate treatment and care. Any minor negligence can allow the infection to spread all over the body causing life-threatening and serious effects. As early you visit the dentist as fast it can be treated.

When you must visit the dentist for dental abscess?

Whenever you experience any of the aforesaid symptoms or signs, visiting a dental clinic on an earliest note! Many clinics facilitate same day or walk in appointments for addressing dental emergencies. Find out such a clinic by searching with ‘emergency dental services near me in London’ online.

As it is associated to potential infections, top dental experts always recommend to visit the dentist even at odd hours. Never delay to make the infection and pain spread and seek treatment right away.

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