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This section describes how the TPLINK AX1500 RE505X SETUP should be established. To set up an AX1500, please follow the step-by-step guidance.


Add the AX1500 RE505X extender to your router and then wait for the Power Light to turn strong.


  • Now search for a Wi-Fi Manager and access one of your wireless devices.
  • Select Tp Link Re505x Network as soon as you’re on the Wi-Fi management page.
  • To visit open the web browser.
  • Now Create an AX1500 configuration page password.
  • To complete your RE505X setup, follow the on-screen directions.


Tp Link AX1500 RE505X Firmware Update


Follow the following procedures for upgrading the Ax1500 Re505X firmware:


  • Everyone should be powered on AX1500 RE505x.
  • The Re505X Extender network should link your device.
  • Now needs to be opened on your browser to access your AX1500 Extender’s administrative page.
  • Log in and go to the Settings tab for Ax1500.
  • Look for the option to use your Re505x Web GUI for System tools.
  • You need the firmware update option. Hit the system tools.
  • You can use our chat assistance if you cannot upgrade the Ax 1500 firmware


How to install my TP-Link AX1500 RE505X WIFI extender?


  • First of all, connect the device to a power outlet to set the TP-Link AX1500 RE505X.
  • Connect the extensor to the main router as close as possible for the first set-up.
  • Now both the router and WIFI repeater have to push the WPS button at the same time.
  • Your router as well as the extender have a flashing LED.
  • You’ll observe every LED on the Wireless Booster lighted solidly within a minute.
  • Disconnect the AX1500 and go to the location where the internet connection is poor.

TP-Link AX1500 Range Extender RE505X Setup | Issues

  • Cannot register at
  • The RE505X lights are not illuminated.
  • “Can’t get this page” error.
  • Unattainable IP address.
  • Problem with RE505X firmware and upgrading software
  • Forget about the repeater’s default login password.
  • The new extender setup page could not be accessed.
  • Have not had the router’s WPS button.
  • The new router or modem is not able to set the AX1500.
  • The device cannot be connected to the network extension.
  • Problem with username and password.
  • The RE505X was not powered by the light.


TP-Link AX1500 RE505X Setup using Tether App


In this article, you will talk about setting up the AX1500 RE505X WIFI Range Extender Tp-link with the App:


  • Download a smartphone or tablet Tether application.
  • Establish an AX1500 RE505X installing account.
  • Now connect the repeater to a power outlet and wait till the energy light shines.
  • Go to your smartphone or tablet’s wireless settings option and connect to TPLink Extender.
  • Open the app and take the command to connect your smartphone to the primary modem or router
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