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Our mission is to promote valuable public health services to all, the locality and the people residing far away. When it comes to choosing your dentist, you want someone who makes you feel confident and comfortable. No matter how your teeth look, they are amazing and visiting us will keep them that way for your entire lifetime.  

We are a comprehensive clinic and we provide low-cost dental care for all ages and all patients, whether new or old. If you have any form of insurance, you can use it at our clinic. Even if you are uninsured, you can visit us anytime as well. We take care of each and every patient with a thorough check up process. When you visit us, you will first be routed to the dental screening department and the doctors will identify the problematic areas and determine a treatment plan. Next, we will guide you to the appropriate section of the clinic such as 

  1. Oral surgery
  2. Dental extractions
  3. Restorations
  4. Paediatrics
  5. Hygiene
  6. Cosmetic dentistry 

Dentist Wollongong and the team aim to meet the tremendous need of the patients while maintaining a smile. We take lower than the average cost for dental services since we want to serve the people who need us. 

Dental Care Services

Dentist Corrimal can provide you with a wide range of dental procedures for your benefit. You may need several appointments to complete your treatment based on your condition and requirement. 

  1. Routine care and Evaluation: If you are visiting us for the first time, you will receive a thorough initial check-up and then the doctor will examine you based on the reports. If you need basic care such as a check-up or cleaning, then the procedure will not take long. 
  2. Endodontics: It is the area of dentistry where we stress on prevention, study and the diagnosis of diseases at the roots of the teeth. We always wish to save the patient’s natural teeth by restoring its health and function. You might need to bring a full mouth x-ray to the appointment if needed. 
  3. Operative and Adhesive Dentistry: It is the area where we address the problems related to tooth erosion, dysfunctional smiles, lesions, fractures, white spots, etc. You can become a patient by getting a referral from your dentist or by scheduling an appointment. 
  4. Paediatrics: The paediatric dentistry department is especially dedicated to provide services for infants, children and adolescents. Children with special needs are also welcome here. Dentist Wollongong treats children in a relaxing, caring and loving environment so that your young ones don’t feel intimidated or afraid. 
  5. Periodontics: It is the area or department where we study, diagnose and treat injuries and diseases related to gums, bones and connective tissues surrounding your teeth. Periodontics will place dental implants if there are missing teeth to make your smile perfect. 
  6. Prosthodontics: In this field, we treat and rehabilitate patients who need help to maintain the oral function, comfort, appearance, and their health. If patients are missing any tooth, or tissue, then our dentists can provide treatment. You will be under the constant supervision of expert faculty dentists. 

Emergency Dental services

We are open at all hours for dental emergencies such as infections, painful decay, broken fillings, tooth fractures, and other traumatic injuries. If you have severely injured yourself, you can visit us at the emergency room and we will do our best to lessen the pain and the discomfort. 

We also provide after hour services to patients who are receiving treatment from us. You can call us or book an online appointment if you are a patient and require emergency care. 

Dental injuries can be life threatening and it is best not to depend on first aid treatment to stop the pain. The underlying issues might become complicated and lead to other problems that can affect other parts of your body. 

When you visit us, kindly bring a valid ID proof such as your driver’s licence, passport or any government ID for registration. We are looking forward to serving our patients with dedication. Call us or visit our website to book an appointment with us now.

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