What is SEO?

What is Seo?  Generally, some people do not know the meaning of Seo .. Let me say the summary and brief explanation first of the Search engine optimization. We all use google.. Why we use it.. To find it.. I first saw google in a movie .. Then we started to use it.. Although we did not add our sites to google, I saw it appeared there.. How was it happening..
Come unaware of us, linking our sites, etc. We loved it over time .. Everybody came to our sites by searching .. Therefore, we started to give importance to SEO .. Before 98, we did not know the search engine google. We were going to see and go to the site .. He would even invite friends for the Okey site .. We would go like that .. But now we are going to search to play okay ..
If there is a site we like, we add it to the favorites and play it there all the time etc. etc. But still, think about it every once in a while, do you write googley acip okay and look at it .. ?? Yes, when you see a new site, you go there and search .. It has become a new habit. Or you are searching for a new site that you are bored with the Okey (for example) site you search all the time ..
As a result, you are using the search engine … Even though there are so many okey sites, what you will enter when you search usually is not what you see on the first page .. or you know them, the second page you go to the 3rd page. It is called Seo to be featured on google … Let’s talk a little bit about web at the bottom ..
SEO is the abbreviation of the word “Search Engine Optimization“, which means “Search Engine Optimization” in English. The main purpose of the Search Engine Optimization business; To put the websites to the top in the desired words. Thus, to show the site promoting the product to the desired audience.
With the spread of Google in 1998, as a result of the movement in the search engine market, millions of people search the Internet every day. The most important features of these sites that mediate research, which is the main purpose of the Internet; people can learn what they want at that moment. So they can direct people to what they want. Big bosses who want to monetize this; They marketed their advertising spaces by creating advertising systems such as Adwords , Yahoo Publisher Network and Microsoft Publisher . However, people who spend most of their daily life in search engines in a short time; search results with ad location. They have adopted the difference of and turned directly to the search results. Marketing today has undergone a paradigm shift from traditional ads in newspapers, banners and hoardings at public spaces to optimizing your website and running social media campaigns. In recent times both big as well as emerging companies have started to shift their focus on improving their Digital Marketing Company In India.
Understanding this, advertisers have achieved very good conversion rates while turning to SEO , which they see as the new weapon, and selling their products, and so SEO has reached today’s popularity.

Important Issues in Seo

As we know, one of the important issues in SEO is the aged domain. A site that is directed to a particular area gets its share of the sector it has entered in proportion to the target search volumes, if it can impose its work on spiders and especially users as time passes over it. Considering the proportion of the studies to the previous months, after this process has passed 6 months, if the trio of link-content richness-user adoption of the site maintains its identity in the current month, your site will continue to protect its place.
But if there is a proportional increase in this trio, do not be surprised to make a selling.
A known but misunderstood issue in SEO is the saying “the most important factor is backlink ”. Think of a site, that the site has only a design and tens of thousands of backlinks… If this site is not rich in content rather than up-to-date , what can it give to its users and spiders?
Another thought is the trio that I mentioned above.
So, should we go, buy an aged domain right away, set up the site, add content and get a link
Of course no. It would be absolutely wrong to say this without looking at the history of the domain, which we call old. Because the domain name you will buy may be spammy for the previous owner. When the name is registered by someone else, it may unfortunately not be able to leave the spam list in some cases. Don’t waste your money without researching on this topic.
So how?
You can look at the history of the domain (if available) from the internet archive address and make your choice accordingly.
The site would not stand idle if you have information about the content, in the sector you will really turn to.
Adopt the user?
For this, I have to direct you to Google Analytics . You can select your site and analyze the percentage of new visitors.
* Finally, as I have stated in many of my previous articles, it is wrong to say that ” the domain name you will receive does not matter, but the important thing is to lay out after laying the foundation solid. ”I should say…

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