What Is The Best Type Of Portable Hard Drive To Buy Today (Top 2021)

On the market today, there are many devices capable of storing data on computers, such as HDDs, SSDs, or portable hard drives. Each type has its pros and cons so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Compared with HDD and SSD, a portable hard drive is highly appreciated for its flexibility and outstanding use efficiency. In the framework of this article, we will talk about how to choose the best portable hard drives today.

Hopefully through the article readers will grasp what kind of portable hard drive is good. So let’s get started with our article!

Top 5 best portable hard drives today

1. Silicon Power A30 1TB. Portable Hard Drive

Taiwan’s Silicon Power brand is famous for technology products, electronic devices.

As for the Silicon Power A30 portable hard drive product, this is the company’s highest version in this line. The device has a beautiful design, the outer shell is made of metal, so it is very sturdy, durable, rarely scratches.

In addition, Silicon Power A30 is also integrated with the most advanced shockproof technology in the world today in the US, if dropped from a height of 1.2m to the ground, Silicon Power A30 also has no problem. Besides, the data transferability of Silicon Power A30 is also extremely fast up to 5Gb/s.

With a price of only $50, suitable for students, working people. Besides, Silicon Power A30 is also guaranteed for up to 3 years and is easy to repair.

2. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable Hard Drive

Seagate Backup Plus Slim is an ultra-thin hard drive with a thickness of only 10mm, weighing 150g, suitable for people who often travel on business, have to move a lot. In addition, the product is made of high-grade metal to create luxury as well as high durability, good resistance to force.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim connects to laptops and PCs via USB cord and can be compatible with current USB ports, flexible and convenient. The data transfer speed of the device is also extremely fast, up to 179Mb/s. The product can be used for all devices from Android, IOS, Windows, or online data spaces such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

One of the advantages of an SSD is the speed it brings to the computer. It is extremely interesting to gamers. Installing games on the SSD will significantly increase the speed to quickly load today’s heavy games.

When you turn on a game or enter a game screen, the computer goes through the process of loading data from storage memory (SSD and HDD) into random access memory (RAM, VRAM) with faster speed to work with. CPUs and GPUs when enough data is loaded, they can launch that level. At this point, the speed of the HDD or SSD is very important. The higher the hard drive speed, the faster you can enter the game screen and spend less time waiting.

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Seagate Backup Plus Slim portable hard drive is quite cheap, only about $59 if you buy on Amazon. And you can easily find some coupons and discounts for SSD for this kind of product on many Coupon websites or platforms which provide deals and the best offers.

3. WD My Passport Portable Hard Drive 1TB

Regarding the WD My Passport 1TB hard drive, this is the best quality improved product line in the store. The hard drive has a modern design, WD My Passport 1TB is only 1.28cm thin, lightweight, small, and easy to carry with you when working.

The device connects to a computer or laptop via a USB 3.0 cord and can be connected to both USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, extremely convenient. About the data transfer speed of WD My Passport 1TB is also highly appreciated, quite fast, helping you to accelerate work efficiency as well as the needs of copying photos, videos, files, …

Cons: The warranty period is short, only 12 months, and you should consider this because if something goes wrong, the WD My Passport 1TB is very difficult to warranty.

4. Adata HD650 1TB . portable hard drive

Adata HD650 is the next portable hard drive device from Taiwan.

The Adata HD650 hard drive has a delicate design, the outer part is manufactured from high-quality materials to limit scratches when impacted, in addition, the Adata HD650 is also light in weight and you can easily carry it on the go.

The data transferability of Adata HD650 is also very fast and can be connected to a PC, laptop via USB 3.1 or USB 2.0, the data reading speed of Adata HD650 is 90Mb/s. Adata HD650 is convenient to use and secure your data.

5. Transcend StoreJet M3S 1TB Portable Hard Drive

Transcend StoreJet M3S imported directly in Taiwan. With modern design and luxurious colors, Transcend StoreJet M3S has been well received by consumers recently. Besides, Transcend StoreJet M3S is made of high-grade metal with a silicone cover, so it is completely impact-resistant and has good bearing capacity.

Transcend StoreJet M3S portable hard drive cancard safely store data with a huge capacity of up to 1TP, you can store large amounts of files without deleting them, making your computer work more stable and faster. Transcend StoreJet M3S is integrated with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports with maximum speed and bandwidth of 5Gb/s, 480Mb/s, respectively.

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