Who Owns Tamilrockers?

A Tamil movie fan may be disturbed one day by a question such as, “Who Owns Tamilrockers?”  After all, Tamil movies have gained immense popularity over the past few months. So much so that the demand for more Tamil movies has been so great that it has created a situation where there are already copies of Tamil movies available for download on various websites. 

Based on History

Well, the answer is simple. The Tamil language itself has a very interesting story to tell and so do the Tamil movies. The Tamil movies are based on the world-famous story of Lord Ram and his loyal companion aka Little Red Riding Hood. The story revolves around a prince who was going on a long trek to find his lost sister who had unfortunately died while serving the king of elves. On the way, the prince encounters the wolf who attacks his troop and then escapes to an island where he finally gets himself transformed into a wolf.

The movie then follows the adventures of this wolf till the time when Rama seeks help from Lady Parvati who has been trained to transform into an angel by a young prince named Ravi. Ravi trains her in the ways of healing and warns her not to leak movies of the Tamil film industry. This is when Ravi gets his sister’s album which contains several scenes from the movie. Since the movie was based on Lord Ram’s love for Parvati, the entire kingdom was turned upside down. tamilrockers website link

English Subtitles

However, all is not lost for the fans of Tamil cinema as many directors are now adapting it into movies with English subtitles. Chinese production has also been made and the name of the movie is Raat (The Robots) starring Chow Yun-fat and Morgan Freeman. In addition to that Aishy mermaid made a Chinese version of Rana and it is called Raan Mandak Ali.

Bold Character 

In another interesting twist, Aishwarya Rai who is an Indian actress is set to make her debut in Hollywood in the very upcoming movie titled Raat Yatra. This movie will be directed by Anushka Shetty and is expected to star Aishwarya Rai. Aishwarya is known for her bold character and she might just be the perfect choice to take over from Meryl Streep in the role of Viola. The new mop, Sita is expected to star as the heroine in the movie. It is important to mention that even though Aishwarya is not an American star yet, she does have a huge fan following in India. This is because, in India, one finds millions of fans waiting for Aishwarya’s turn at the theatres.

Tamil cinema is not all about melodrama and twists, there are plenty of movies that are based on love stories and that people would always look forward to seeing. The latest movie that has just come out is titled Chennai Express and it is about a married man who had gone missing after a long association with his wife. Along with him, two other women had been left behind in their house. A Chennai Express is based on the real incident and it is expected to be a good box office hit.

True Story

Another interesting project that is based on a true story is called holidays in Chennai. This is a web series that is similar to Happy Days, which was a popular series in the 90s. In this web series, a group of young people in Chennai go on a tour of various places all over the country. While on this journey they encounter various romantic and funny situations. Some of these situations have a resemblance to the movie Tamil Honey, which is one of the most loved Tamil movies of all time.

One of the latest twists that are taking place in Hollywood is about Tamil Hollywood actors. One prominent character in the news is Mahesh Babu, who plays an ageing actor. The news about his death has caused a lot of speculations. People who know a lot about Hollywood movie making know that Mahesh Babu will not be getting another Tamil movie made about him. This is because he was too popular in the Tamil culture and many movie makers would rather not risk tarnishing the image of their hero.

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