How To Pack A Hiking Backpack For Travel More Quickly

How to pack a hiking backpack for travel more quickly:


During the trips, we have to make a lot of small mistakes that can cost us dearly! Like, for example, not taking toilet paper with you in your bag when traveling in the world (True story). So it seemed important to me to talk to you about how to pack a hiking backpack for travel, as this aspect is subject to many mistakes during the first trips.

In any case, here are some tips to keep in mind when packing your backpack for hiking:


How to Pack a Hiking Backpack for Travel


Check the climate


Several travelers forget to check the climate of their place they are going to visit. So they’re going to stuff their bags with completely unnecessary items and clothes. Before doing your business, check the weather forecast to get a semi-accurate prediction. Importantly, look at the hourly forecast, as it is common for a downpour to fall at a specific time of day and on a daily basis.


To know:


Do not hesitate to look at reviews on the internet. In San Francisco, for example, the temperature is really good, but it only takes a fog when you are out of town for it to get really, very cold!


Take only what you need.


I assure you, you can ask any hiking traveler what they would have done differently on their first trips, and they will all say they should have brought less stuff!

Take with you only what you need and adapt the clothes you bring to the climate of the first countries visited!


Balance the weight of your backpack


I often hear people say that you have to put the heaviest items in the bottom of the bag; this is wrong! Your heaviest things should be placed in the center of your backpack and should be as close to your back and hips as possible. It will have the effect of minimizing the pressure on your back and shoulders.



Ventilated back: yes or no?


When you go hiking in warm conditions, or you sweat quickly, it is nice if your backpack has a ventilated back. It means that the back does not connect directly to your back but that there is space between the backpack and your back. It allows good ventilation and makes the backpack much less warm on your back. However, a backpack that you carry directly on your back is more stable. The choice is yours!


Save space


You can save space in your bag by properly packing your things (see the video in the link), rolling up all your clothes, and being careful to fill every nook and cranny of your luggage. You can also save a lot of space by attaching large items to the outside of your backpack, like your shoes, tents, or sleeping bags.


Mix your clothes with your travel companion


If you are in a hurry and traveling with your family or partner, then you have to divide your clothes in your bag and other ones. This is why if your bag or luggage ever gets lost, then you will be able to access your outfits. 


Shoulder, hip, and chest straps


Every good hiking backpack has straps that go over your shoulders, usually also a hip strap and a chest strap. Especially the quality and shape of the shoulder straps and the hip belt ensure the wearing comfort of a backpack. Do you want it thick or rather thinner padded and perhaps slightly elastic? The shape of the shoulder straps can also differ, whereby one model will fit you better than the other model. The same applies to hip belts; these can be anatomically shaped so that they fit better or less well with your physique. This is also the reason why there are unisex models and backpacks, especially for women


The size of the back panel


The size of the back ensures that the hiking backpack fits you well. Many backpacks come in different sizes so that you can choose the best back for your back. Has your back measured to see which backpack suits you best? You measure your back from your neck to your hips. If your back is smaller than 40 centimeters, you need a small backpack. A medium-sized bag fits with a back of 40 to 45 centimeters. If your back is longer than 45 centimeters, you will soon end up in the largest size. With some hiking backpacks, the back can be adjusted, making it suitable for multiple back lengths.


 How to Pack a Hiking Backpack for Air Travel 


Do you want to save money when traveling? Then pack your hand luggage properly! This is especially important if you are traveling with a budget airline. These airlines try to charge extra for people who are not good at packing their luggage. Here is How to Pack a Backpack for Air Travel:


  • Bring a backpack instead of a suitcase, because it is “more flexible”. In addition, you can put on a few clothing items over each other; this way; your bag will appear smaller.
  • Only take what you absolutely cannot miss and buy some stuff when you arrive at your destination.
  • Put cosmetics (especially creams, shampoo, etc.) in a resalable, transparent bag; these are available at drug stores. Also, pay attention to the limit, which applies to liquids.
  • People have been looking for the best clothing folding technique for years – the answer is simple: roll everything up and place your things as close together as possible.
  • Put items (hiking accessories, laptops, etc.
  • Place your travel documents in a side pocket of your luggage.
  • Choose a lightweight sleeping bag, tent, backpack,
  • Copy the pages from a travel guide instead of taking the entire book with you.
  • Long journey? Send home souvenirs and unused items.
  • Use small travel bottles or bring a bar of natural soap.
  • Buy an E-reader to be able to read books while traveling.
  • Buy basic items (shower gel, soap, towels, underwear, books) on the spot
  • Take washing gel with you to wash your clothes or use the laundry service on-site. This way you don’t have to bring a different set of clothes for every day.





Allowed hand luggage does not usually apply to babies at budget airlines. It is assumed that accessories, including baby food, are taken by the child’s guardian, and no additional cabin baggage allowance applies.

Some traditional airlines offer additional luggage to passengers flying business, premium, or first class. A higher weight of your luggage is also often allowed.

If your hand baggage exceeds the limits, it can be carried as checked baggage; provided it complies with the relevant rules.

Ask your airline for detailed information on baggage allowance.


What do you take with you in your hand luggage?


Valuables, such as jewelry, documents, and money, are items you take with you in your hand luggage. Checked baggage can be damaged in flight. It is, therefore, useful to take delicate items, such as cameras, computers, or glass objects, with you in your hand luggage.


Roll up the clothes


When packing a backpack for hiking, folding clothes nicely does not make sense. If you still want to take a garment with you without causing it to wrinkle too much, use kitchen paper or plastic foil between each layer that you fold or roll-up.


Fill in all the gaps.


Fill the shoes in your backpack with stockings, a charger, toiletry, Stuff towels, or sweaters in the holes of your backpack. Look for the empty spaces and cleverly fill them with smaller items.


Best Heave Books Backpacks for Travel:

The North Face Vault TNF Black School Backpack


The North Face Vault TNF is a handy school backpack for daily use. You can safely take your laptop with you in the padded, 15-inch laptop compartment. With a capacity of 28 liters, there is also room for some books. You put your pens and pencils in the special separate compartments. This way, you store your belongings in an organized manner, and you never have to search long. The mesh material ensures that you do not experience a clammy feeling when you wear the bag while cycling. In the evening on the street? The reflective parts of the Vault ensure that you are visible in the dark.


Under Armor Storm Hustle II Backpack

It is the best backpack for heavy books and accessories. It allows 30 L storage with interior and exterior pockets. Different sections are available to save your accessories according to your need. The most important advantage is, it protects your stuff from rain and bad climate. With its comfortable shoulder strap, it provides convenience to carry. 


Carhartt Legacy Deluxe 

It is one of the best bags with high capacity storage. It is capable of preventing your stuff from water. 17- Inch laptop can be adjusted in it. It is made up of completely polyester, and synthetic material provides water resistance. 


So if you are thinking about how to pack a hiking backpack for travel or the best backpacks for heavy books, don’t worry about it. Just click, and get amazing bags at affordable rates.

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