Mobility scooter with 5 wheels | Advantages of five wheel scooter (Compare with 3 and 4 wheels)

Mobility scooter with 5 wheelsThe 5-wheel scooter is more stable and really can’t tip over. The five-wheel scooter is better than 4 wheels because 5 wheels are much more comfortable and safer than 3 wheels because the danger of falling is much smaller. You can clearly see the costs and compare them with the other models.

Five-wheel scooter:

Five wheels is fairly new and this innovation brings together the advantages of 3 wheels and 4 wheels. You have three wheels at the front that make it so nice to drive to your favorite places. View the five-wheel scooter quote

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The 5 wheel scooter is fairly new. At first there was only a 3 and 4 wheel model until the suppliers learned that a more stable and safer model was needed.

The extra wheel gives:

Of course there is also a disadvantage: the 5-wheel model is slightly more expensive than a 4-wheel scooter. You pay for the extra wheel plus the technology to make it smoother and safer to drive. A fifth wheel on a car therefore also has a disadvantage.


Someone doesn’t choose a nice scooter scooter every day When choosing a scooter, it is worthwhile to request quotes in good time. If you start on time, you can save a lot of money.  Specifically: the less you pay. The amounts of the quotations are often far apart without there being any difference in quality.

A difference of, for example, 20% will save you a lot of money and we see these differences in hundreds of euros every week. So you can save nicely without having to compromise on quality.

Is a cheap company worse than an expensive company?

No, a cheap company can deliver perfect quality. One company is simply busier than another, which means that the company will be happy to offer a sharper price without much work.

Make sense before you start:

save costs Of course, always check the references (read: ask other customers if they are satisfied with the result). One scooter company simply has it a bit quieter than the other and would rather ‘get a job’ than the other company. For the money you save with this, you can probably think of another destination 😉

Many people miss out on this great advantage:

So only by starting in time you will get a good and cheap company that has things a little quieter. Most people are in a hurry and start comparing with this too late. As a result, they end up paying too much. If you need a Kids Card with 4 Wheeler then just click here. 

These hasty decisions cost more money and yield less good results. So avoid missing out on this advantage and start comparing quotes right now ►

Where does the higher comfort of a 5 wheel model come from?

The number of points on the road is greater and the more rubber touch points on the road, the more stable and safe such a model is. The middle wheel at the front is larger than the 2 wheels next to it. The fifth wheel is the ‘main wheel’. When a pavement has to be driven on, especially this fifth wheel will ensure that you go up the pavement gently. It has better handling characteristics due to the safe, balanced weight distribution and can even drive up a curb/curb at an angle of 45 degrees in an emergency. He stays upright.

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