Triund Trek: Treasure Toro Unravels the Mysteries of Himachal Pradesh

The city’s residents aren’t comfortable and ecstatic enough to climb the lush green and outdoor air-covered slopes. This charming excellence and harmony can also be seen in Triund, which is “the crown jewel of Dharamsala.” Triund is located between the Daura Daru Mountains of Himachal Pradesh and Kangura Bare, which has its unique charm and beautiful scenery. Likewise, Tori Undo is one of India’s most popular youth destinations, attracting billions of experience-loving people from all over the country.Intriguing areas and curves make it an ideal hideaway for travelers. That’s why is carrying a Triund bag.

 In fact, the Triund Trek does not have the last place of the trek unlike other summit treks. There is more to offer for hikers. Also, if you want to experience the Himalayan trekking expedition, Triund is just the gateway to many other experiences.

 Snowline, Peanut Cave, Indra Pass and many more great places for experienced hikers to go for a few days.

 Triund is steeped in vibrant and unique Tibetan culture and has an impressive religious community with beautiful houses, Buddha statues and flags of negotiation. During your Tried tour, you will have the best views of the majestic green mountains, white mist and lush forests. Perhaps the best idea during this trip is to observe the many bright celestial bodies that make up the night sky. That’s what made it difficult for the

 impressive trio to climb over 1,100 meters. This is a long trip, no troublesome trips. It takes about 3 hours from Gar Sanctuary to Triund. The steep ascent begins at the last 2 km of the Snow Line Cafe. This means the ride is very smooth. Arriving in Triund at


Galu is the first stop of your trip to Triund. Gargal can either rent a taxi from Makureodoganji or start the tour directly from there. Many explorers start their trip in Bagusnagu, famous for its dazzling waterfalls. Also, when departing from Garoo, you must go along a forest full of oak and cedar. If you have problems climbing, you can use ponies / words to reach the top of the mountain.

 Start an adventure in Triund

 Around 5 am I started an acting adventure in Delhi and listened to classes in Sonnypat, Panipat, Ambala, Chandigarh and Solan. I parked my car in Murthal, where I don’t want to miss Parathas in the most famous restaurant Amrik Sukhdev. I like flower buds, so I ate a rich Parathas 3 serving and a velvety Lassi cup.

 arrived in Dharamsala at 5 pm and found a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. At the end of exploring several hotels and hotels, I finally settled in a hotel in Nandy City, which is much more closed and quiet than the others I’ve seen. Surrounded by the city, the hotel offers stunning views of the impressive Dhauladhar Mountains.

 The next day I decided to organize a Bhagsu Nag employee at Mcleodganj. I visited St. John’s Church before coming. I got out of the car with no blinking eyes and went down to the cathedral. Visited Bugs Temple, Dalai Lama Temple, and Dar Lake since.

 After taking pictures with a digital SLR camera and being mesmerized by the mild climate of the Dalai Lama Temple, I went to Jimmy Bakery for breakfast and lunch that introduced Indian flavors. In the evening, I visited a Tibetan market, so I found a loved one.

 The next day I started the long-awaited trip to Triund from the village of Nadi around 9 am. After collecting data on the population of the area, I had previously arrived in Durham Court at a distance of 3 km. The ride is nice and you can see glowing prayer flags, flowers, mud houses, and tall trees. So I don’t meet many other travelers. After introducing myself, we headed to the Garudevi Temple, which is the base of our trip. I stood there for 10 minutes, filled the water tank and clicked on some pictures. Unforgettable is the collection of talented goats. Watch them steer so cleverly while cleaning up the mountain!

 I was exhausted after all, so this was my health test for the last hour of the trip. I think it’s a well-contained plan to reach the highest point on this magnificent slope at 2:00 pm. The advent of the Triund top blindly shows all my hypotheses. It brings harmony to my mind and at the same time constantly eliminates all my drowsiness. The biggest impact on us is snowfall. I stayed for a while at the campsite, which is located at the highest point on the trio slope. The night sky and all the bright stars fascinated me.

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