Air India’s Collaboration with Manish Malhotra For New Uniforms!

The Ace designer will be going to design the new Uniforms for the Air India crew and staff. The Tata Group-backed Air India will launch new uniforms designed by the most popular and class fashion designer Manish Malhotra by the end of 2023. The designer will create new designs for over 10,000 employees across the frontline. It includes the team of cabin crew, cockpit crew, and ground and security staff of the airlines.

This is going to be the identity of Air India’s ongoing modernization programme. Or we can say a further and fashionable step in the manifestation of Air India a global brand. Air India team and employees are expected to roll out its uniformed employees by the end of 2023.

A Bold Step towards Progress and Modernization

So far, the cabin crew staff of the airline wears the Indian traditional sarees while the cabin crews of other airlines in the country broadly wear Western wear and classy uniforms. Air India is delighted to be collaborating with Ace designer Manish Malhotra for an upcoming project. Airlines state that they are happy to realize the shared ambition of representing the class and best of a vibrant, bold, and progressive Indian on the worldwide stage.

They have great expectations and looking closely with Manish and his team to combine the fashion and class of the brand. Manish will be going to combine heritage and culture together to fulfill the unique requirements of the airline environment.

Chief Executive Officer Campbell Wilson said they hope for a fresh and new look that supports and represents the progressive and new Air India. Their ideology behind joining hands with Manish is to evolve without erasing and to modernize without forgetting. They are expecting changes in tradition in the future without forgetting their culture. Manish said he will design the uniforms for employees where comfort meets authenticity, wrapped in timeless elegance, and class.

Rebranding Of Airlines

Last month, Air India Airlines unveiled a new logo for flights as a part of a rebranding exercise after the airline was acquired by Tata Group. The new logo of the brand is all about a modern take on the iconic Maharaja mascot, with a more stylized and classy design. It also has a new color scheme of red, white, and purple.

Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran stated that the new logo of Air India signifies limitless possibilities. It replaces the old logo which featured a red swan adorned with orange Konark Chakra.

The new logo of the Air India symbol- “The Vista”, is inspired by the peak of the window frame with a golden color, which signifies the unlimited possibilities, progressiveness, and bold and confident outlook of the Airline.

A Unified Entity!

The merger is projected to be finished by March 2024. The new changes in uniforms and logos represent the limitless possibilities beyond everything. This will indicate the modern and progressive airlines of the nations. Collaboration with Manish Malhotra will define the new and fashionable class for crew members and employees of Air India. Let’s wait for Manish Malhotra’s magic in the form of Air India’s new uniforms.

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