Now Express Your Emotions And Words With Emoji Reactions In Gmail!

Good news for users across the world announced by Google. The search engine introduced the new emoji reaction feature in Gmail. It allows users to quickly express their words, emotions, and feelings themselves in just one click. Write your sentence or your mail and add an emoji to express it better. An amazing feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

Users can select the emoji from the menu bar and tap to send, or add in writing. You can also send the already-added emoji for quick access.

Enhance the Messaging Experience

As we all know emoji is the easiest and beloved way to react in messaging while chatting or any conversation on social media apps. Now Google has started rolling out the emoji features in Gmail too. Update is available for every user now whether you are using an Android or iPhone. You can enjoy the feature on both.

By using the emoji reaction you can easily show your emotion to your partner, your manager, or anyone. For example, you can thank your partner or manager for the forwarded reservation of the conference event or for the hotel with a folded hands emoji.

How to Add Reaction In Conversation?

Users who have personal Gmail accounts see a smiley face option on their screen. The icon features below their message option on mobile or window whichever you are using. Just click on that icon select an emoji from the menu page, and simply tap on the send page to add it to chatting or messaging. If the other recipient already uses the perfect emoji you just need to click on one to pile on.

See Who Sent the Emoji In Group Conversations

Now users can also see the name of the person in the group conversation that sends the emoji. Users have the option to tap and hold on the specific emoji to identify the sender. You can also use the Existing emoji and send it on Gmail within a time frame of 5 to 30 seconds after you added it.

When You Cannot Send Emoji Reactions?

You can’t react with an emoji reaction to an email in these conditions: –

  • If you have an account for work or school you cannot use emoji.
  • The message is for the group email list.
  • A message on Gmail was sent to more than 20 recipients.
  • You are in BCC.
  • If you react with the same emoji or send a message more than 20.
  • If you open the personal email in another mail provider like Microsoft, or Apple mail.
  • A message is in client-side encryption positions.

These are the conditions you cannot react with emoji reactions on Gmail. So, get the personal email and enjoy the all-new feature of emoji or your Gmail for more intense and expressive conversation.

How to Remove Reaction?

If you wish to eliminate the emoji or you mistakenly send the wrong emoji you can delete it from the chat. Simply tap Undo and it will be removed from the message. The duration of the undo sends and other features can only be adjusted on your window computer.

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