Everything You Should Know About Penthouses In India

Penthouses are spacious flats situated on the top floor of the building. The main features of the penthouses are a large Carpet Area, Luxurious Interiors, Open Spaces Like Balconies and Terrace. Earlier, the developers used to keep only one penthouse on the top floor of the building. But as the penthouses gained popularity over the years, multiple Penthouses were constructed In the same building. 

The Penthouses are preferred because of their perfect location which gives a serene living experience.  Moreover, penthouses are becoming a great real estate investment option. This is because of the two main reasons. First, it offers not only a more carpet area but also provides premium facilities. And second, the popularity of penthouses has been increasing rapidly in India, and therefore investment in Penthouse had good ROI prospects. 

Let’s first understand some of the key benefits of the Penthouses and why they are gaining popularity.

Advantages Of Penthouses

  1. Spacious Rooms
  2. Luxurious Living 
  3. Special Features
  4. Privacy
  5. Comfort

Spacious Rooms: 

Spacious rooms are one of the main features of the Penthouses. Penthouses can have multiple bedrooms, drawing rooms, guest rooms along spacious living room areas. Also, the penthouses offer extra storage space for family requirements. 

More space allows you to make customized interior designs as per your requirements. Being spacious and located at the top of the building, penthouses enable more natural lights and air circulation. 

Luxurious Living: 

Penthouses are preferred for their Luxurious living experience. Since the penthouses are located on the top floors of the building, you get stunning views and panoramas. This could be breathtaking city-scapes or beautiful sea views. 

Moreover, having more space allows you to incorporate different styles of home decor elements. You can add impressive furniture that enhances the luxurious living experience. 

Special Features: 

The Penthouses come with special features such as spacious balconies and the terrace. These open spaces allow you to spend quality time with your family. Besides, you can customize the open spaces for better space utilization or designs. These open spaces are one of the most prime reasons why Penthouses are preferred over normal apartments or flats. 


It gives you the privacy you need for you and your family. You get your cozy space away from the bustling city life. There is no other disturbance on the floor. You get to use the elevators and the lobby space separately. 


Penthouses are immensely comfortable. They are designed to give the utmost relaxation to you. By designing the right window sizes, passages for the natural light and air will allow you to take comfort to the next level.

DownSides Of The Penthouses

High Cost: 

Penthouses are Luxurious but come at a high cost. Comparatively, penthouses can cost 30-40% more than the normal apartment in the same building. The cost for the penthouse is In Tier I and Tier II cities where the demand for luxury living is more. 

Even though the cost of the Penthouses is more, it is considered a good real estate investment


Penthouses are large properties and therefore the maintenance can become challenging. Also, there is a significant cost associated with Penthouse Maintenance. The best way to keep the maintenance cost in check is to have a proper plan and the budget already assigned. In this way, you will avoid the extra costs associated with maintenance. 

Penthouse Demand In India:

In India, there has been a surge in the popularity of Penthouses. Mainly, the cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi have witnessed higher demand for penthouses. The price of penthouses in India is in the range of 10-60 crore. In India, the Penthouses are popular in Tier I and Tier-II cities.

In the next few years, demand for the Penthouse is likely to be high. The upper-income group has shown their interest in the luxurious Penthouses. 

Summing Up: 

Penthouses are luxurious flats on the top floor of the building. Penthouses are becoming popular for their special features such as More Space, Privacy, and Comfort. On the other hand, the downsides of the penthouses include the cost and the maintenance. In India, the penthouses have to gain popularity and be considered a good real estate investment.

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