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What is Maskne?

Maskne is a kind of skin breakout that appears as a consequence of wearing a face mask for long hours. When you wear the mask for long time its frictions with your skin, create mild pressure and stretching which promotes breakout in your skin. Maskne is the consequence of rubbing and occlusion between sensitive skin of face and mask. Nazanin Saedi, an experienced and board certified dermatologist explains that when you cover the chin area with the mask that increases the skin sensitivity and moisture level and builds a favourable environment for Maskne. The Medical term of Maskne is acne mechanica.

 Before the pandemic dermatologist deals with the cases of skin problems in athletics linked with facial irritation. Let us explain in brief.

Athletic and sports persons wear helmets and straps for long hours. Therefore, they experience facial irritation due to excessive sweating, heat, friction, and moisture. But after covid-19 people come with the problem of maskne, the breakouts due to wearing the mask for a long time.

Now acne mechanica is common in people, especially in medical and healthcare providers. It is because they wear mask for long wears on their duty time to protect themselves from all kinds of infection. The maskne caused by the blocking pores with dirt, pollution, makeup, sweat, and oils. It is difficult to breathe with a mask when you have to wear it for a long time. But it increases the humidity of the covered area and makes the breeding ground for acne. The regular friction of the mask may clog and block pores that promote the very painful formation of blackheads.

How can you prevent maskne?

Choose a comfortable mask

At the age of Covid-19, it is important to wear a mask for self-protection. But you must select a comfortable mask for long-term usage. It is very essential for your skin. If you feel irritation after wearing mask, then the mask material does not suit you. You may see some allergic reactions on your face. In this situation, you must avoid synthetic fiber, nylon as your mask material. Instead of synthetic material use cotton or cotton by-products for your mask. It is always recommended to wear a cotton breathable mask irrespective of your skin type (oily, sensitive, or dry).

Face mask size: Make Sure Your mask conceals your mouth and nose without fits too light or too tight. Too tight a mask causes unnecessary friction. The doctor often recommends disposal of medicated masks with soft material.

Face mask material: If you are a member of acne-prone skin or sensitive skin, you should pick an organic cotton mask. Please avoid synthetic material which causes more friction on your skin. You can use the reusable mask. If you use a cloth mask, which is reusable, then wash regularly. Regular washing prevents bacterial infection on your face and mask.

Wash your mask with a gentle antibacterial cleanser

Wash your face with an anti-bacterial cleanser & mild Facewash Routine washing of the face is important after wearing a mask to remove sweating, dirt, and pollution. Regular cleaning protects your skin from bacterial and fungal infections. We would suggest you use an anti-bacterial cleanser, and mild facewash to wipe out all dirt and pollution. If you do not follow a regular cleansing routine, the dirt and pollution clog the pores and develop acne breakouts.  

Simply your skin needs extra care after a covid situation. After cleansing your face using a light moisturizer or aloe vera gel to soothes your skin.

Choose non-comedogenic makeup instead of comedogenic because it contains less amount of chemicals that harm your skin. 

Follow these basic steps to get rid of Maskne. If you don’t get a result, take the assistance of the best dermatologist in SharjahThey will examine your problem in detail and provide the medical solution to cure maskne.

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