Wedding Outfits: How to Choose the Right Day & Night Wedding Outfit Color for Big D Day

It’s your D-Day, your wedding day, and every bride wants to look good and pretty. Why now? After all, it’s her day. Selecting the right color for your wedding dress can be a daunting task. It can be daytime or night. Choosing the colors according to the day & night wedding time can be quite confusing and stressful for the bride-to-be. For a new Dulhan breathtaking ensemble will be the perfect ally for the wedding day.

However, there are so many aspects you need to consider when selecting the outfit for your marriage day. You need to decide first what kind of outfit you want to flaunt on your special day. After selecting the right option, you should move on to selecting the right color that will go right with your complexion, wedding theme, and most importantly with the décor for picture perfect look. After all the post-wedding rituals you will only have your wedding diary to remember your wedding day.

Choose The Outfit According to The Trend

The bride should always choose the outfit type according to the trend, whether she wants to wear a lehnga, saree, or any other sharara-type heavy outfit. The time of the ceremony plays a crucial role in selecting the color of your wedding outfit. Many couples choose to have a night wedding, while some go for a day wedding. Ultimately, time plays an important role in planning everything from outfits to décor.

Now if you are confused about how to decide the color according to the time, then don’t worry baby brides, we’re here for you.

What To Wear? Look At Here!

Right from the serene ivories and the gorgeous breathtaking reds to soothing and glorious pastels and eccentric hues, there are millions of shades for brides to choose the right one from. In this guide, I am going to help in choosing the color that will work best for the day and night weddings. Scroll down and learn which color is going to be yours on your wedding day.

For A Night Wedding

If you are going for a night wedding (the right time of mahurat that your pandit-ji has decided for you), then you definitely can’t walk towards the wedding vows by wearing some neon colors and looking like a colourful bird. For your big day, you need something soothing, subtle yet glam, and elegant. So, here are some wonderful colors for you during a night wedding, or pre-wedding rituals.

  • Deep Red/Crimson

A Red Radiant lehnga is the epitome of grace and also fits the tradition in Indian wedding culture. If we talk about night weddings, a deep red lehnga will not only look elegant and phenomenal but also give an irresistible charm.

  • Radiant Gold

Radiant and rare like gold. Get in touch with your inner royal queen and ask which color would give true happiness to her soul. Trust us, she’s going to answer in one simple word that is “Gold”. The spark of gold gives the best look. Brides think that it will look a bit too much, but trust me it will not. If you are choosing the Gold lehnga for your night wedding go with the light jewellery with emeralds and Polki. The combination will take your look to the next level.

For Day Wedding:

  • Charming Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is probably one of the most dreamlike and romantic colors on your big wedding day. The trendsetter Anushka Sharma proved that with pastel pink you can’t go wrong. Designers and Brides both love to play with this color nowadays. It adds unique style and class to your wedding outfit. Whether it is sangeet, mehndi, or pheras you can never go wrong with pastels.

  • Bold Rani Pink

When we think about the bridal outfit after red, a rani pink is next what comes to mind. Rani Pink is the brightest best and happiest colour for a bride. It makes an excellent bridal look, as witnessed the Alia Bhatt’s mehndi look. You can pair the pink with both silver and gold jewellery. In pink you will find a subtle yet modern look. To add glam to the look you can add some shimmers and vibrant jewellery to complete the look.

Stay Tuned-

Whether you are planning a day or night wedding, the color of your wedding outfit is something that you must plan just after knowing about the date and time of your D-Day. There is a plethora of options to choose from. Either you can go with dark and glamorous colors, or with subtle and sophisticated pastels, and peaches. So, we hope this guide helped you in shortlisting the desired color for your wedding day and making your shopping experience better and easier.

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