10 Best Coorg Resorts for a Luxury Vacation

Lush greenery, mesmerizing views, and incredible climate these three perfectly sum up the Scotland of India, Coorg is for you! If you are planning a getaway to Coorg, there are some great retreats at this point that will help you escape nature’s embrace. If you want the best resorts in Coorg, contact us.

 Here are the absolute best resorts in Coorg that will guarantee a meeting that will change your life:

 1. Vivanta by Taj, Madikeri

Vivanta by Taj meets everyone’s expectations and is perhaps the best homestay in coorg because of its region, camaraderie, and his whole atmosphere. Built in the middle of nature, the resort design is an anachronism, which only adds to the exceptional experience.

The lavish 5-star resort is not only fully equipped with a signature jacuzzi, swimming pool, a restaurant serving a variety of dishes, but also other services such as body health care for guests. children. Otherwise, you need to enjoy a comfortable resting place and be lazy enough to leave your room. At this point, don’t stress! The location of this hotel gives you a glimpse of Coorg’s magnificence, especially during the monsoon season.

 2. Tamara, Yavakpadi

In the midst of nature, Tamara is one of the best places to stay in the big piste resort. If you use your well-deserved money for this hotel, if not trust us !.

Stunning views from your room windows, delicious food, and welcoming staff will make your commute simple and comfortable. The retreat also offers extraordinary encounters such as farm tours, yoga and contemplation camps, feathered creature viewing tours and more, exceptional nature walks.

 3. Legacy Resort, Galibeedu

True to its name, the Heritage Resort in Coorg is a great place to experience the culture and the Kodava district. Set on espresso-scented slopes, due to the different brewing areas, Heritage Resort is unique from your other lavish resorts.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to negotiate with the rest. Your vacation will be more pleasant and closer to nature. An ideal place to consider yourself or invest energy with your colleagues and family.

 4. Windflower Resorts and Spa, Kedakal

One of Coorg’s wealthiest resorts, Windflower Resorts and Spa is just the place for you if you need a languid getaway. Indulge yourself with food and administrative, retirement proposals. With the proximity of friendly and humble staff who are always ready to serve you, your stay is sure to be a necessary encounter and will force you to stay longer.

 5. Club Mahindra, Kalakeri Nidugane

Club Mahindra offers the ultimate in relaxation. Green surroundings, excellent cuisine and fun by the pool. With one goal in mind, Club Mahindra is one of Coorg’s most popular hotels.

An ideal place for a family excursion. Club Mahindra has something in store for adults and children alike. If you like games, at this point the large area is the exact location for you. The club organizes walks in the espresso area to get you closer to nature. If you are a cyclist, at the time, the club also had a quad office whose purpose was to allow you to pedal to the slopes.

 6. Back Water Park

In case you need to know what it is like to live among dense forests, immediately head to Jungle Camp Resort, Coorg for an exciting excursion. . The highly structured hotel will offer you a unique encounter.

Espresso farms, tea houses, orange groves, this retreat has it all. The rooms are specifically geared towards honeymooners and families, making it a total package. In case you need a break from your tiring and boring life, try to escape to this resort and you won’t complain soon after.

 7. Espresso Cottage Homestay, Madikeri

If you need a getaway with a little twist, Coorg has a lot to offer. One of those contributors is Coffee Cottage Homestay. If hotels don’t give you energy, then again, host families will do it for you. If you need to know what it’s like to live in an old-fashioned house, book a room now!

You can also enjoy gourmet dishes prepared under the guidance of the owner himself. Likewise, you can enjoy an espresso while paying for the view from your room window, in case you prefer to spend your excursions lazy.

 8. Amanvana Spa Resort, Kushalnagar

Located near the shores of Kaveri, Amanvana Spa Resort is one of the most awe-inspiring places in Coorg. You can hear the murmur of Cauvery water while staying at this hotel. Lovely lodges, riverside barbecues, and deep back massages, Amanvana is every adventurer’s delight.

 9. Ambatty Greens Resort, Virajpet

As a place to bring you closer to nature, staying at Ambatty Greens Resort is just as enjoyable as the peace. Staying in this hotel will help you immerse yourself in nature. The humble staff and the supermarket will make.

10. Kadkani River Resort, Ammathi Ontiangadi

A tourist target in itself, Kadkani River Resort is located along the banks of the Cauvery River. The retreat includes several classic cabins that are sure to take you back in time. While the norm remains, you can also do experiential exercises like water rowing, stream crossing, ziplining, drifting, and cruising.

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