Microsoft Windows 11 Copilot Update: Check Out Top-Notch Features in An Upcoming Update

Most people are excited about the new and advanced generative AI capabilities in the Microsoft Windows 11 update. As an IT professional, if you are willing to help your company be on top at the forefront of AI, or keep the data safe shared with AI models. Not to worry we are here to guide and protect you with both.

At a special event organized by Microsoft members announced that it will start rolling out the copilot window 11 update, version 22H2 as a part of free update. The early form begins on September 26, 2023. The astonishing thing about the new Windows update is its 150 new and advanced features. This includes the enhancement in paint apps, photo editing, snipping tools, and many more others.

Yusuf Mehdi- the corporate vice president and consumer chief marketing offers stated; that we are thrilled to announce that we will going to take the next move towards the best AI experience for users in our new update. This delivers the most amazing and personal experience for Windows users.
Microsoft Windows 11 update

1. Copilot in Windows 11:

The preview of the copilot in Windows 11 will enable people to complete the task faster. It will take less than usual time to complete a task. The feature can also be accessed from the taskbar or it can also be used with the help of keyboard keys. You need to press the shortcut Win+C. it will directly open a sidebar having all the apps on screen sizes.

2. Paint:

Now users can enjoy the AI drawing features with digital creation in Paint. You can also use the feature of removing background and layers if you are editing any picture. A preview of the cocreator also brings power to your AI-generated art and app.

3. Photos and Editing:

The app of photos has also come with an enhanced AI update. This includes the multiple features that will give the beyond user experience. You can edit your photos easily with the blur background effect. This may subject of the picture pop out and focus on the details or on the object you want to capture.

Microsoft says, there also has been an improvement in the blur effect of photos and it also stores in OneDrive accounts. Moreover, users can use their personal or home account whichever they want. You can easily find the picture that is based on the content of the photo and the particular location
they were captured.

4. Snipping tools:
The snipping tool is something that will enhance the user experience. It will allow users to extract the text from the image and paste the text into another application or picture. That is how users can simply protect sensitive info and text by using the snipping tools. This also enables users to capture the support using mic and audio support.

5. Notepad:

Now notepad will be more advanced for the users who make the data and projects on their
windows. The notepad will automatically save your session state allowing the individuals to save their notes without adding any dialogs and pickup at the time they left off. This will restore the previously open tabs and content that is unsaved. Now no need to worry about the data it will be kept safe and secure.

6. Outlook:

With the new and updated outlook for Windows users can simply connect with different accounts. It includes Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and many others in a single app.

7. File explorer and text authoring:

Amazingly, File Explorer has been modernized with a different home page, address bar, and search box that helps users in easily access their files and important data. It also gets a feature of the gallery that is updated to keep the photos collection easily. On the other hand, the brand will also be rolling out a new experience of text authoring. Users can enjoy the update and access the voice to the new natural voice in Narrator.

8. Backup of Windows:

Now transition of files, apps, and settings from one PC to another PC becomes easy. All thanks to the new Windows 11. In the new launch of Windows, Microsoft says, now everything you get is right here where you left it, and exactly how you like it.

At The End!
The latest update for Windows 11 starts rolling out on September 26th. It includes major updates in the above-stated apps and files. Users can experience the best AI-generated and advanced technology to make their tasks easy and faster. For IT professional organizations this will going to be the best and major update for their PC and other works. This also ensures the privacy of your data. So, share the files tension-free and enjoy the ultimate user experience.

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