What Are The New Features In Meta’s Bucket For Instagram, And Social Media Users? Know Here!

Meta is all set to bring various new AI-based features to Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media networks. It will add more editing and creativity to the world of tools. In Meta’s just organized event, it connects stage events, in this the company has announced many things. This includes the new generative tools that let individuals edit images and create new stickers by using text-based prompts. Isn’t excited, now users can share their emotions through stickers.

Platforms availability

The new and advanced image editing tools will be available on several social media platforms. Users can enjoy the services on Instagram, and the AI-generated chat stickers will be available on Messenger, Facebook, and other networks as well.

What is the AI-based new features?

The image editing feature on Instagram includes two features one is Restyle and the other is backdrop. In the restyle individuals can edit the input text prompts and make the edits by following the instructions based on the image. While the other feature Backdrop is also based on the text prompts. However, the function will use text prompts instead or image prompts to generate the backgrounds.

The new and developed AI feature of Instagram will allow users to create stickers by using text prompts. Meta mentioned that the process will end up creating something new and high-quality stickers for users. The AI-based feature is powered by the Llama 2 large language model that was recently announced by the Meta.

What’s more?

The feature will start rolling out for updates from the next month for selected users. Only individuals can use the feature who have selected English as their primary and main language for running devices and applications. With the help of these AI features now you can make your chat even more unique. On a daily basis, people send hundreds of millions of stickers to express their feelings and emotions to the person they are talking with. Today we have only a limited number of using these stickers. After the update users will be able to generate their own stickers based on text and image prompts.

Key takeaways!

  • Soon users will be able to share and create the AI generate stickers for their chat. Meta says they are about to start a rollout of these AI stickers across the apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Users will also be able to edit the images and have fun with friends by editing the new tools.
  • Meta AI update will give real-time information and generate the relevant image from the text prompts by the user and will be the second to share it with friends.
  • The company says they are also launching the 28 more Ais in beta and it will come with unique interests and personalities. Some of these are played by the icons and influencers including Snoop Dogg, Kendall Jenner, and Naomi Osaka.
  • Over time, the company is making AIs for business growth and creators. They are all set to release their own AI studio for individuals to build their own AI.

In the end!

AI is enabling new forms of connection and features. All thanks to the power of generative tools and technologies. At connect Meta introduces the new AI experiences and features that can enhance the chat interest between connections. You can use these tools to be more creative, entertaining, and productive while chatting with family and friends.

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