The Ultimate Andaman Backpacking Guide

The white beach, turquoise water, and blue sky are all about Andaman Island. This is a great vacation to relax, spend quality time with your loved ones, or see yourself. As a gold mine for lone tourists, Andaman Island is also a safe place for lone tourists. Andaman Island There are 572 islands in Andaman and Nicobar. However, only 9 of them are available to tourists. Let’s start with Andaman’s personal backpacker guide.

When I landed in Port Blair, Tim from Thomas Cook welcomed me warmly. I spend time immersed in the past history of the island. I was surprised to see all the flora and fauna here. On the bottom of the boat, I encountered some beautiful corals and were mining the sea, fish, and other marine species. It was an incredible experience.

Outdoor activities, what I have to do in Andaman is camping, snorkeling and snorkeling in the crystal blue waters. I also know that I can windsurf and water ski. This, of course, makes me happier. It took me a while to plan this vacation and I want to be the best. Thanks to Thomas Cook, they made sure every day I spent there was worth it.

 Andaman Summer

Andaman organizes a tourist festival every December and January, but October is generally the best time to visit. Below is a list of places you can add to your travel plan and explore the best of the andaman nicobar tour package on a backpacking trip to Pamungkas.

 1. Port Blair

If you are traveling by plane, you will land here. Port Blair, although very busy, it is not too busy to allow you to have fun. Port Blair is also one of the most commercialized places in Andaman. One of the main tourist attractions in Port Blair is the cell. The cell prison, also known as Kaala Pili, was used by Britain to alienate political prisoners. Visiting this place can provide interesting information about political history and India’s pre-independence. One can also visit the Anthropology Museum, which provides special information about the lifestyle of local tribes. (Recommended reading: 6 reasons to add Andaman to your Bucket List) The local bar in the main market serves Massive Royal Faloodas, which is very delicious.

 2. Island Havelock

Island Havelock is one of the main tourist attractions for solo backpackers. It has many accommodation and food options, making it ideal for travellers on a budget. The first attraction is of course Radhanagar Beach. In 2015, it was named the 7th best beach in the world by Time magazine. It is an ideal place to enjoy the sunset in Havelock. Other beaches in Havelock include Govindnagar Beach, Gajah Beach, Vijaynagar Beach and Kalapatthar Beach. There are also many bicycle rental services on the beach. You can specify one and explore the area according to your preferences. Certified dive operators provide enjoyable dive courses and dive certification. Gajah Beach is another beach worth visiting. The waters have not been explored until now, so schools of fish can sometimes be seen. Someone can climb 2 kilometers to Elephant Beach. Contrary to popular belief, trips to Gajah Beach are clearly marked and safe.

Andaman Diving

Kalapati Beach is a great picnic spot because it is away from the main town. Cook your own meals, listen to music and dance on the beach. On the one hand, there are fertile green forests, on the other hand, paradisiacal silver sand beaches. You can also explore the nearest coffee shop.

 3. Neil Island.

Neil’s Island is said to have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The island is quite old-fashioned, full of flora and fauna, and is an ideal place for lonely tourists who yearn for a quiet moment. Bharatpur Beach is one of the main tourist attractions on the island. This beach offers various activities such as snorkeling, diving and motor boating. One of the must-try activities on this island is to have a drink from the boat. The bottom of the boat is made of glass, giving visitors the opportunity to explore aquatic life. Another hidden gem is Laxmanpur Beach. Someone must be on this beach at sunset. The colorful sunset leaves on the canvas are really amazing. Another place to visit is Sitapur Beach and Andaman Howrah Bridge, which is a kind of enjoyment for tourists.

 4. Dipling Poole.

Diglipur is a small town in the northern Andaman Islands. A must visit for lone backpackers, non-traditional travelers and nature lovers. This is an excellent alternative to other areas that can be commercialized. This is relatively seldom explored because it is far from most other places.

Track to Saddle Peak Saddle Peak is located at the northernmost point of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, near Diggleipur. Approximately an hour and a half to two hours of travel will take you to this beautiful mountain peak and provide beautiful scenery of the island. If you start early like most hikers, you can watch the startling sunrise. The journey comes from the forest, but it is quite safe and they are not afraid of wild animals.

5. Bharatang Island

This island is beyond your imagination in many ways. This is very different from other places in Andaman. The first attraction is the limestone cave. These caves are formed by the continuous erosion of carbon dioxide dissolved in the water. You can see magical figures hanging from the ceiling and growing from the ground. Going to these caves is almost like a trekking adventure, because it requires a lot of walking and walking. However, visiting these caves will be like what you have seen before. Another interesting place is the mud volcano. People think of volcanoes as machines like lava. However, mud volcanoes are not like that. The mud volcano is a rather unusual discovery and the only one in all of South Asia. Another important part is Cockatoo Island, which is a bird watcher (speechless). One of the most beautiful sights is that at dusk, you can see hundreds of birds singing at the same time. If you wish, you can also visit Baudera beach. This is quite isolated and less visited. You can even take a nice elephant ride on the beach.

Solo travel can be exciting, but someone must be careful when planning for just one person. So we have given you some safety tips that can help you protect yourself, your trip is mainly.

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