The Major Differences That Make Netflix Stand Out from Other Streaming Platforms

How Is Netflix Better from Other Streaming Platforms? 

Netflix is a streaming service that millions of people adore all over the world. And why shouldn’t they! They can easily watch from a wide range of original titles in high-definition quality. The platform simply excels at everything. The many features that Netflix provides are much better than those of its competitors. With an internet subscription to Charter Spectrum cable, I can watch my favorite content whenever I am free. Even when I am not using my PC, I can simply log into the mobile app. 

Read this blog before subscribing to a streaming platform. Explore all the major differences that make Netflix stand out from the rest. 

Original Titles 

No other streaming platform airs more original titles than Netflix. This is primarily because Netflix is the pioneer of online streaming content. The company has forever changed people’s preferences of watching their favorite movies and TV series on a cable connection. Apart from the number of these releases, the leadership behind Netflix knows how to make their viewers stay rooted in their seats. This is the reason they release one super hit title one after the other. The plot, characters, direction, cinematography, and production are top-notch from the word go! 

Parental Controls 

One of the best features of Netflix is the power it grants to parents to keep their children safe. Parents can activate the parental controls and create separate accounts for their kids on a single subscription. They can also monitor all the activities of their kids and restrict them from viewing titles not suitable for their age. Although such features are present on other platforms, Netflix goes a step ahead and empowers parents even more by enabling them to delete their watch histories. Therefore, even if children accidentally access their accounts, they won’t be able to see the shows (not suitable for kids) they’ve been watching.  

Compatibility with Devices 

Netflix is compatible with a range of devices and platforms. One of the primary reasons for this is the time it has been around in the streaming industry. Thanks to the developers at Netflix, you can watch your favorite content on most laptops and PCs. Apart from them, you can also access the popular streaming platform on gaming consoles such as Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3, etc. When it comes to smart TVs, you can stream your favorite movies on Fire TV, Hisense, and LG Smart TV, etc. This means that even if you’re traveling, a Wi-Fi hotspot and a Wi-Fi-enabled device will suffice in helping you watch your favorite show on Netflix.  

Data Usage 

Another key offering from Netflix is that users get to control the amount of data that they are consuming while using the service. They can do this by adjusting the video quality. You can also download content to watch it later when you’re offline. The service provides detailed data usage stats. You can set a limit of 0.3 GB of data usage per hour. In such an event, the platform will automatically lower the video quality. You can also increase this to 0.7 GB if you want to have a better viewing experience. This is a great feature for users who rely on mobile data plans only to watch their favorite content. Such people can have a look at their usage statistics and further optimize their watch time.  

Offline Availability  

Perhaps, one of the best features of Netflix is that if you’re busy, you can download content to watch it later on. Not many other streaming platforms provide such a feature. This feature can make your life easier. The new episode of your favorite TV series may be airing, but you may have an important corporate meeting. Simply put the new episode on download and watch it later on! However, be mindful of the fair usage policy of your internet service provider.  

These are some of the reasons that Netflix stands out from the other streaming platforms. No wonder, it is a top choice for most of us.

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